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Understanding God’s Secret to Winning Life’s Battles

Understanding God’s Secret to Winning Life’s Battles


Life is synonymous with battles. Living is all about winning over the forces out to rob, kill and destroy you.
Battles are fought and won based on information, preparation and strategy.
Any battle you ever lost was because your enemy took advantage of your ignorance.
To win your current battles you need to have an understanding that will put you far above your enemies and help you subdue them cheaply.
That is the essence and goal of this Publication – to give you the keys to power.
God says, “A wise man scales the city or the mighty, and brings down the stronghold in which they trust.”
Therefore, His piece of advice to us is ‘to make war with good advice.’
This book is His good advice or Kingdom Keys to dominion and a must read for all who want to live the More than Conquerors’ Life!
Read, Live, Reign and Enjoy the Blessings.


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