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Operating The Faith That Pleases God

Operating The Faith That Pleases God


It is not every faith that pleases God!  The devils believe and they tremble. Yet all the faith the devils have that make them tremble cannot help them have a change of story. The trembling of devils is an exercise of their faith. However, do the devils please God by trembling? The simple answer is NO!

Hear me: There is a faith that pleases God. And God wants you to Operate That kind of Faith. Everyone has faith. Even the fearful have faith in the negative. Their faith is in the enemy’s ability to hurt them. That faith does not please God.

In this masterpiece, God’s Divine, yet simple mysteries are unfolded to deliver to you what you need to have life, as you want it. You can have and Operate The Faith That Pleases God.

This Book shows you What it is and how to operate it!

Cheer up! Your light has come and nothing will stop your shining and glory. Read and apply and be blessed!

Peace in Jesus Precious Name.


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