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Jesus Christ’s Secret To Success Without Limits

Jesus Christ’s Secret To Success Without Limits


Jesus Christ is the greatest Success that ever walked this earth and His Success story is the greatest Success story ever told.

Emerging from a very special poverty-biased and anti-success background and among a people that not only rejected Him but despised Him brutally, Jesus Christ burst into the scene and busted all traditional success principles with a heavenly secret that works like fire whenever and wherever it is engaged and by whoever.

Although the Will of God the Father is for everyone to succeed in this life, very few people have really tasted success as God wants it. The reasons are not farfetched.

There are many reasons Why People Fail in Life. But according to The Lord Jesus Christ, there are only two reasons Why His Ambassadors fail in Life and three reasons why Kingdom Citizens fail in this life. An understanding of the reason or reasons for failure is Jesus Christ’s Secret To Success Without Limits.

Jesus said that the servant who knew his Master’s will, and prepared not himself, neither did according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes.” This simply tells us there is no reason for Failure! Failure is UNACCEPTABLE! Therefore, any failure in the Kingdom will be beaten or punished.

God wants all to Succeed – to have GOOD SUCCESS!

This Book Jesus Christ’s Secret To Success Without Limits presents what took Jesus from being the poor carpenter of Nazarene to emerging the greatest Success right behind God.

Learn and apply the Secrets in your trade and God who is no respecter of persons will honour you with outstanding success regardless of where you are today. I wish you all the best!

Jesus Christ’s Secret To Success Without Limits works for all who engage it! It will work for you! Peace!!


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