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HOW TO RAISE THE DEAD: How to Walk in Victory Over Man’s Last Enemy

HOW TO RAISE THE DEAD: How to Walk in Victory Over Man’s Last Enemy


I was attached by the enemy and was so sick that from October 31st to November 30th 1986 (one full month), I laid unconscious to the point that my mother and family members were weeping having concluded that I was gone.

I didn’t know where I was. But supernaturally, The Lord brought me back to life after one full month. My deliverance from death after one whole month was a miracle of resuscitation!

On 30th May 1991 at about 8:00pm, I was poisoned and battled between life and death. From 12:00am and 01:00am on 31st May 1991. The last I could remember was pledging my life on oath to serve The Lord all my days on earth if He rescued me from death. I lost consciousness and was amazed to awake at about 04:00am without any of the pangs of death. My deliverance from death on 31st May, 1991 brought me into The Kingdom of God.

As an undergraduate I suffered another strange attack from hell towards the end of July till 3rd of August 1994. This was immediately after three days of encounters that I had from 18th to 20th July 1994 that resulted in my Commissioning on 20th July 1994 by The Lord.

The Lord made it clear to me that I was going to serve Him as His Ambassador to Stop anything after man’s destruction, Preach the Gospel to All everywhere, Bring Healing, Liberty and Restoration to All, Raise, Build and Plant All as Christ’s Ambassadors everywhere and Restore All things!

After the Lord Commissioned Me, the enemy struck again and for days I was so sick that my elder sister who I visited at Aba, Abia Nigeria, began to cry because of my condition. But again, The Lord Jesus appeared to Me on August 7, 1994, rescued me from death, gave me His Power and opened a passage on the wall and said to me, “Go to the depot, I have given You Power.

I have been brought back to life from the dead. I know by revelation and experience that there are forces that can terminate your life if unchecked and stopped. The things I’ve handled and what I’ve proved, I am now sent to hand over to others.

Moses was sent to deliver Israel from death in Egypt. The enemy through death wanted to kill Moses and abort that plan of God but failed. 

Jesus Christ was sent to pay the ultimate price for man’s deliverance from everything evil and from eternal death. The devil also tried very hard to kill Jesus untimely but failed.

The Lord prepared and sent me to stop whatever is after man’s destruction. The same enemy did all he could to stop this agenda of God but also failed.

Satan failed for your sake and countless billions of people worldwide who are living every day afraid of death. You don’t have to live in fear anymore! The Lord frustrated Satan’s entire plan against my life and enabled me to put together this Book for you.

Hear me: I am sent by the Lord to end anything after your destruction and your tears because of the evil works of the enemy which results in death. I am only a messenger with His Word to you. Please listen to me: You cannot end how, when and where the enemy has intended! You are not leaving this world before your time is up.

Many precious souls have been destroyed by the enemy through untimely death. Now is the Time to stop the last enemy of man – death! Therefore, this Book. 

Moses brought Israel out of bondage. Jesus paid the full price and abolished death (2Tim 1:10).

Therefore, there’s nothing that can stop your freedom from untimely death. You must live and fulfill God’s Purpose for your life. 

There are 12 Chapters and You will Learn among others Why People Die Prematurely, How to Stop Untimely Death, How to Be Healed and free from sickness in One Day and How to Raise the Dead.

Jesus Christ sent me and gave me this Living Message. It is for you. Read this Book with an open heart. It will save you from many fears and mistakes that have led to the untimely death of multitudes worldwide!

May The Holy Spirit breathe upon you afresh in Jesus Glorious Name. Peace!


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