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Healing Is Your Legal Right

Healing Is Your Legal Right


Your legal right is your certain, guaranteed, undeniable privilege, benefits, right, inheritance or blessing. It is yours. It belongs to you. You are to use it. You are to partake of it. You are to enjoy it.
For every legitimate Child of the Most High God, Healing is your Legal Right.
Hear God, “I have said, ye are gods and all of you are Children of the Most High but you shall die like men and fall like one the princes.” Psalm 82:6-7
Ignorance is a robber, killer, and destroyer! Nothing brings you under tribute, slavery, bondage and captivity as ignorance.
Hear me: This Publication is for your Emancipation and Restoration. Do not toy with it if it is your desire not to die sick. Read it. Study it. Believe it. Do it. You will be glad you did!


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