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Christ’s Ambassadors Handbook: Volume 3

Christ’s Ambassadors Handbook: Volume 3


To be conceived and born in POWER and live and die powerless is an abuse of Christ’s death and resurrection.

As new creation, we are Christ’s Ambassadors! All that Christ is in His risen state is now in us. We are taking Christ’s place TODAY. All the dominion that Adam lost has been restored to us.

Until you are established in rulership and dominion, your life is not different from that of a dead man placed in the tomb!

Man is not meant to live and die like a slave but ignorance of the truth has buried many lives and great destinies sent here on assignment!

You must take back your place and all that belongs to you and rule over all things in God’s own very class. That is God’s plan and purpose for you. Therefore, this book. It is a on a Mandate! It is written to raise and lift ‘you’ from the ignorance that has thrown the Body of Christ into the mud of religious Christianity and churchianity, and the world into slavery.

You are therefore, welcome to this voyage of rediscovery and restoration to the very image and likeness of God, a god and ruler just like Christ in God’s own very class!


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