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7 Keys to Undeniable Healing by Amb Promise Ogbonna

7 Keys to Undeniable Healing by Amb Promise Ogbonna


The Lord Jesus Christ sent Amb Promise Ogbonna as His Official Ambassador and Living Witness with His Staff of Office to Prove to all that He is ALIVE TODAY! He sent him to Proclaim and Publish The Everlasting Gospel to every creature everywhere; To Stop anything after man’s destruction; To Bring Healing, Liberty and Restoration to all; To Raise, Build and Plant all as His Ambassadors on His Living Mission everywhere and Restore all things at all cost and by all means!

He is the President of Christ’s Ambassadors Living Mission International Inc., an all-encompassing network of ministries and Lead Pastor at JESUS MISSION HEADQUARTERS, a non-denominational Assembly and Fellowship of Ambassadors and Citizens of Heaven on Christ’s Living Mission worldwide.
As an Ambassador, He does not share his personal ideas or opinions but only speaks and Publishes The Everlasting Gospel and Wisdom of God that brings God’s Solutions to every problem and challenges confronting mankind today! The Words he speaks or writes are not his words but The Words of His King and Lord, Jesus Christ who sent him and whom He represents. Therefore, his spoken or written words are God’s Divine Seeds that bring everything God is to every heart that receive them. To hear him speak or to read his books is to come into direct, personal contact with God’s answers to all of your questions and God’s solutions to all of your problems!
He is married to Favour Promise, a trained Lawyer and they are blessed with four wonderful children.

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