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100 Years Is Minimum…How to Enforce Your Covenant of Long Life

100 Years Is Minimum…How to Enforce Your Covenant of Long Life


Every product or material on this earth has a life span. The product’s maker and make–up determine the life span. The Spirit has His life span and flesh has its lifespan. Man is God’s product and so we need to understand man’s make up. We are told that “the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul’. Genesis 2:7
Natural houses are built with mud, bricks, block or stone. Mud houses are from dust of the earth. They last for a while. Bricks or brick houses are from sand mixed with cement and last longer. Stone houses are built with stones and last longest.Mud houses (dust) don’t last long. The unbeliever is from the dust and does not last long. Eccl 12:7
The carnal believer is like sand mixed with cement, lasts a bit longer. Luke 6:49
But the Christian believer who is built in the Word and is matured is a stone house. He lives longest- based on what he knows and believes. 1Peter 2:5
Fallen man (spirit and dust) was given 120 years to spend upon the earth. God said so! Moses represented the old covenant man. Moses was 120 years old when the Lord took him. His eyes did not grow dim nor did his natural force abate (Deut. 34:7).
That was under the ministry of death according to 2Corin 3:7-11.
Gods plan is not for the sinner to die earlier than 120 years. Why must you His child die below 100 years?
This book is written to stop man’s last enemy – death from wasting the precious life God has made available to all believers.
Discover and Receive the truth and Live!!!


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