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Online Bible School

CALM International Bible Institute

Raising, Building & Planting Christ’s Ambassadors Everywhere & Restoring All Things according to the Heavenly Pattern!

Are you looking for an International God-ordained, Heavenly accredited and approved Institute where you can be trained as an Ambassador and empowered to live and reign like Jesus Christ does over all of God’s creation, seen and unseen?

Do you desire to be Trained and ordained for a Heavenly-Powered, Christ-Certified Ministry?

Then, CALM International Bible Institute is the Training School you have been searching for!

If you desire to be made like Jesus Christ and equipped and empowered to duplicate the Acts of Christ as the Ambassadors of Christ did in the Book of Acts, then hurry and register for Online or Offline Programme today at: 

Ambassadors Degree Programme

Stage 1 – Ambassadors Foundation School


  1. Understanding the New Birth
  2. The Doorway to the New Life
  3. Access into the Supernatural
  4. The Living Word and the New Life
  5. The More than Conquerors Faith
  6. Understanding the Basis for God’s Judgment
  7. Fundamentals of God’s Reward System
  8. How to Access God’s Provisions wherever You Are
  9. Healing: Your Birthright!
  10. The Child of God and Angels
  11. Taking Your Place as Signs and Wonders
  12. Christ’s Ambassadors Living Mission: Your Role, Your Life!

Stage 2 – Ambassadors Basic Programme


  1. Unveiling the Mystery called the New Creation
  2. Understanding the Power in the Living Word
  3. The Realities of Kingdom Baptisms
  4. The Believers’ Access to Power
  5. Fundamentals of Triumphant Faith
  6. Destroying the Yoke of Sickness & Disease
  7. The Principles of God’s Financial Systems
  8. Understanding the New Language
  9. The Brain Gain and The New Wave
  10. Understanding The Heavenly Life
  11. Understanding God’s Restoration Plan
  12. In Pursuit of Purpose Fulfillment

Stage 3 – Ambassadors Certificate Programme


  1. Fundamentals of The New Creation
  2. Understanding The Fundamentals of Ministry
  3. The Living Word and Wonders
  4. Understanding Christ’s Mandate and Living Mission
  5. Understanding The Realities of Redemption
  6. Understanding Scriptural Hotlines to Heaven
  7. The Bedrocks of Kingdom Success
  8. God’s Wisdom For Your Prosperity
  9. Understanding Divine Healing
  10. Understanding The Principles of Vision
  11. Understanding Divine Guidance
  12. Keys to Impactful Ministry

Stage 4 – Ambassadors Leadership Programme


  1. Understanding The New Covenant
  2. Living and Operating in the Supernatural
  3. Understanding Kingdom Realities
  4. Understanding Spiritual Leadership
  5. Dynamics of Praying for Results
  6. Character Development in Life & Ministry
  7. Understanding the Prosperity Mandate
  8. Understanding the Healing Mandate
  9. Operating in the Anointing
  10. How to Penetrate & Conquer Enemy Territories
  11. Church Planting Strategy Development
  12. Fundamentals of World Dominion

Stage 5 – Ambassadors Advanced Programme


  1. The Keys to Divine Revelation
  2. Understanding Kingdom Service & Covenant Benefits
  3. Dimensions of Faith
  4. Living Epistles of the New Covenant
  5. Provoking Angelic Ministrations
  6. Walking in Divine Wealth & Health
  7. Maintaining the Power Flow
  8. Working of Miracles
  9. Church Growth Strategies
  10. How to Retain Members
  11. Understanding The Gospel of The Kingdom of God
  12. Ministering as Christ’s Ambassadors

Stage 6: Ambassadors Degree Programme


  1. Christ’s Ambassadors: New Creation Realities
  2. The Living Word Foundation
  3. The Living Mission Foundation
  4. Foundation for The Holy Spirit
  5. Foundation for Ministry
  6. Foundation for Faith
  7. Foundation for Prayer
  8. Foundation for Worship
  9. Foundation for Prosperity & Success In Life
  10. Foundation for Family Life
  11. Foundation for Signs & Wonders
  12. Foundation for The Recovery of All Things

Ordination Opportunity:

Ordination opportunity is available on request for all Trained Ambassadors.


Our Programmes, Courses, Duration & Fees

1). Ambassadors Degree Programme. 72Courses. 18-24 Months.

Stage 1: Ambassadors Foundation School. (N5,000)

Stage 2: Ambassadors Basic Programme. (N10,000)

Stage 3: Ambassadors Certificate Programme. (N15,000)

Stage 4: Ambassadors Leadership Programme. (N20,000)

Stage 5: Ambassadors Advanced Programme. (N25,000)

Stage 6: Ambassadors Degree Programme. (N50,000).

2). Ambassadors Healing School. 24 Courses. 3 Months. (N20,000)

3) Ambassadors School of the Supernatural. 22 Courses. 3 Months.  (N20,000)

4). Ambassadors School of Ministry. 24 Courses. 3 Months. (N20,000)

5). Christ’s Ambassadors Bible Course. 48 Courses. 6-9 Months. (N50,000)

6). Ambassadors School of Prosperity. 24 Courses. 3 Months. (N20,000)

7). Ambassadors School of Faith. 24 Courses. 3 Months. (N20,000)

8). Ambassadors School of Leadership & Mentoring. 32 Courses. 6 Months. (N30,000)

9). Ambassadors School of Missions & Linguistics. 12 Courses. 6 Months. (N25,000)

10). Ambassadors School of Power. 12 Courses. 2 Month. (N10,000)

11). Ambassadors Heaven Business School. 24 Courses. 9-12 Months. (N50,000)

12). Ambassadors Research Studies. 27 Courses. 18 -24 Months (N70,000)