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Admission Requirements


Raising, Building & Planting Christ’s Ambassadors Everywhere & Restoring All Things according to the Heavenly Pattern!

Are you looking for an International God-ordained, Heavenly accredited and approved Institute where you can be trained as an Ambassador and empowered to live and reign like Jesus Christ does over all of God’s creation, seen and unseen?

Do you desire to be Trained and ordained for a Heavenly-Powered, Christ-Certified Ministry?

Then, Ambassadors International Training Institute is the Training School you have been searching for!

If you desire to be made like Jesus Christ and equipped and empowered to duplicate the Acts of Christ as the Ambassadors of Christ did in the Book of Acts, then hurry and register today!

We run online and offline courses. To register, go to 

Available Programmes, Courses & Duration

  1. Degree Programme. 72 Courses. 18-24 Months.
  2. Divine Healing School. 24 Courses. 3 Months.
  3. School of the Supernatural. 22 Courses. 3 Months.
  4. School of Ministry. 24 Courses. 3 Months.
  5. Christ’s Ambassadors Bible Course. 48 Courses. 6-9 Months.
  6. School of Prosperity. 24 Courses. 3 Months.
  7. School of Faith. 24 Courses. 3 Months.
  8. School of Leadership & Mentoring. 36 Courses. 6 Months.
  9. School of Missions & Linguistics. 12 Courses. 6 Months.
  10. School of Power. 12 Courses. 2 Months.
  11. Heaven’s Business School. 24 Courses. 9-12 Months.
  12. Christian Theological Studies. 27 Courses. 18 -24 Months.
  13. Research & Development. 12 Research Studies


The Degree Programme Training Content consists of the following six (6) Stages and number of Courses:

Stage 1 – All-Believers Foundation School [12 courses].

Stage 2 – Ambassadors Basic Programme [12 courses].

Stage 3 – Ambassadors Certificate Programme [12 courses].

Stage 4 – Ambassadors Leadership Programme [12 courses].

Stage 5 – Ambassadors Advanced Programme [12 courses].

Stage 6 – Ambassadors Degree Programme 1 [12 courses].


  1. All who are hungry and thirsty to be made like Christ.
  2. All who want to be equipped and empowered to live like Him and DO His works.
  3. All from every nation, race, language and people who want to serve as His Ambassadors to the nations.
  4. All who who want to live and fulfill their God-ordained purpose.
  5. All who want to make a full proof of their calling and Ministry.

Entry Requirements for All Our Programmes

  1. Must be Born Again.
  2. Must be able to read and write.
  3. Must be Spiritually hungry and thirsty.
  4. Must be ready and willing to learn.
  5. Must be eager to live and fulfill God’s purpose for your life.

Customized Duration:

  1. One (1) week very intensive course
  2. One (1) month intensive course
  3. Three (3) months course
  4. Six (6) months course
  5. One (1) year to two (2) years course

Ordination Opportunity:

Ordination opportunity is available on request for all Trained Ambassadors.