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About Us

Who we Are

Christ’s Ambassadors Living Mission International aka Jesus Mission Headquarters is a Heavenly Assembly of  Christ’s Ambassadors on Christ’s Living Mission; sent to Preach the Gospel to all everywhere, Stop anything after man’s destruction, Raise, Build and Plant Christ’s Ambassadors everywhere and Restore All things according to the Heavenly Pattern!

How It All Began

On the 18th of July 1994, I went to one of our lecture rooms to pray and read my books. Our school was on strike then and most of the students had gone home. But some of us waited back in school. As I closed my eyes to give thanks to the Lord and pray for the strike to be called off and for the students to return, the Lord opened my eyes and showed me the state of His Church. I saw scene after scene of different aspects and state of His Church, the ministers of the gospel and the true state of the world, the lost, poor, sick, enslaved, oppressed and suffering masses! The same thing happened on the 19th and 20th of July. On the 20th of July 1994, as I had for the third day the same encounter I had had on the 18th and 19th and seeing the scenes again the third time, I was overwhelmed with an unusual burden and asked “Lord Why show me all these? And what am I to do?” Then the Lord said to me, “You will do no secular work with your certificate but will serve Me as My Ambassador! You are to start Christ’s Ambassadors Living Mission Fellowship, a nondenominational Fellowship, to Raise for Me My (Christ’s) Ambassadors that will be released and planted into every aspect of the society wherever man is found!
That was the Seed and the beginning of this move of God.

At the close of the semester, I returned to Lagos for my industrial attachment programme and decided to wait on the Lord to know the way to go. So, I embarked on a 7days dry fasting and prayer programme from the 13th to the 21st of November 1994 to know what the Lord would have me do during my Student’s Industrial Attachment programme and to know exactly where I would do it. And on Thursday 17th of November, 1994, the 4th day of a 7days dry fasting and prayer programme, at exactly 03:00am, I had this vision where The Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me and gave me the name “Christ’s Ambassadors Living Mission International” as the name of the Ministry I am to run for Him. CALM International is a multi-faceted international Ministry ordained to address man’s multidimensional problems. There are 12 Pillars, 12 Arms and 9 Mandates of CALM International. One of the 12 Arms is a nondenominational Church for all Christ’s Ambassadors and Heavenly citizens worldwide. CALM’s Unique Vision Focus is to reach man wherever he is found with the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven, stop anything after man’s destruction; raise, build and plant all as Christ’s Ambassadors on His Living Mission everywhere and Restore All Things!
So, was born this great commission!
* * * * * * *
I began waiting on the Lord on the 1st of January 2013 in a fast for more of Him, for the way forward for His Church and for an unusual, uncommon anointing and empowerment for me to do His Will and all He wants. January ended and I continued to wait on the Lord because I was not satisfied with the status quo. On the 6th of February, 2013, I left Enugu for Lagos to continue waiting on The Lord till He answered me no matter how long it will take – even if it will take the Lord another 40days to answer me. I got to Ore in Ondo State on my way to Lagos and the devil knocked my car engine to stop me because of what The Lord was about to do. I left the car there at Ore and proceeded to Lagos. From that 6th to 17th of February 2013 (a period of 12 days), I waited on The Lord without food day and night asking Him for the way forward in ministry and for more of Him to bring His fullest blessing to the whole world. Diverse encounters began to erupt. I’ve shared the encounters in a Book “Ambassador Promise: Jesus Christ’s Official Ambassador & T. L. Osborn’s Successor on Earth Today! Appearances and Encounters with the Lord Jesus Christ, Mantles of Notable Servants of God Received and the 9 Mandates.” (The Book is available in Amazon worldwide). On the 10th of February 2013, the 5th day of my waiting on The Lord, He appeared to me in a vision and gave me JESUS MISSION HEADQUARTERS as The Name of The Church arm of Christ’s Ambassadors Living Mission International (CALM). The Lord Jesus Christ told me Jesus Mission Headquarters will be His platform and World Mission operational headquarters in these last days as Eden was the First Adam Mission Headquarters – to make and restore man to God’s image and likeness and fulfill the Genesis 1:26-28 Mandate and Acts 3:21 Agenda of God.

The time is short, the task enormous but God is Able. Welcome to the greatest moment in the history of the Church! Expect to be fully restored to God’s image and likeness like Christ and may you live and enjoy the reality of Heaven on earth as You serve The Lord and do His Will.

Remember there is No Reason for you or anyone you love to suffer today! Jesus has fully paid for and provided All You need to Be Made Like Him and Live Like Him today! Join us in Christ’s Ambassadors Living Mission International, Jesus Mission Headquarters and Partake for All Things Are Now Ready! Blessings!

What We Do

Jesus Mission Headquarters is Jesus Christ’s World operational Headquarters. All Jesus is, has, is doing and all He wants done on earth today is headquartered here. This is Heaven’s Operational headquarters on earth today! 

God wants mankind restored to His image and likeness and for everyone to Live here on earth as in Heaven Now!

This is why Christ’s Ambassadors Living Mission International (Jesus Mission Headquarters) and HEAVENow!


To Preach the Gospel to All everywhere, Stop anything after man’s destruction, Raise, Build and Plant Christ’s Ambassadors everywhere and Restore all things according to the Heavenly Pattern!


To Restore all things everywhere at all cost and by all means!