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About Us

Who we Are

We are Christ’s Ambassadors, Saviours and Kings sent by Jesus Christ as the Father sent Him. We are God’s Voice on the earth today. We are Heaven’s Ambassadors on Christ’s Living Mission sent to Stop anything after man’s destruction, Bring the Goodnews, Peace, Healing, Liberty, Restoration and All of Heaven to all everywhere. We are here to  Raise, Build and Plant all as Christ’s Ambassadors, Saviours and Kings everywhere and Restore All things according to the Heavenly Pattern!

How It All Began


Jesus Christ is Alive! I have seen Him Alive with many infallible proofs! I have had very direct encounters with The LORD Jesus Christ which gave birth to Our 9 Mandates in Christ’s Ambassadors Living Mission Int’l aka Jesus Mission Headquarters. One of the 9 Mandates the Lord gave us is The Healing Mandate. Here are the Encounters for the Healing Mandate:

  1. 12/5/92-The First time Jesus Christ appeared to me Alive was on Tuesday 12/5/92, at Assemblies of God Church, 47 Labinjo Street, Idioro Mushin Lagos, Nigeria. I saw Him Alive! Rays of an indescribable Light and Power from Him flooded my entire being and I fell to the ground under that Power. On this day Jesus Christ Baptized me with the Holy Ghost and with Fire and Filled me with His Holy Ghost and with His Power with the evidence of speaking in the language of the Spirit (Lk 3:16-17,21-22; Lk 1:35; Ac 1:8; Ac 2:3-4; Ro 8:11; Mic 3:8; Eph 3:20). The experience was similar to the one Saul (Paul) had in Ac 22:6; 26:13. The Lord Jesus Christ Baptized and Filled Me with His Holy Ghost and Power.
  2. 20/6/92 – On the 20/6/92, the Lord Jesus appeared to me at 19 Izima Street, Aba in a special visionary encounter. I was the 3rd He sent to His Right Hand behind 2 white people. He gave me 2 very strange numbers. The Lord Jesus told me 7 Things to Do to Receive Showers of Blessings from the Father: (1) Love like God the Father. John 3:16; Eph 5:1-2. (2) Have Compassion. 1John 3:16-17; Jude 1:22; Matt 14:14; 15:30-32; Mk 8:2-9. (3) Cleanliness: Be Clean and White – Holiness and Righteousness. Rev 19:8,14 (4) Longsuffering: Faith & Patience. Gal 5:22-23; Heb 6:12 (5) Be Ever Faithful. Luke 16:10-12; 1Cor 4:7; Pro 13:17. (6) Be Hopeful. Rom 4:17-21; 5:5; Heb 6:13-19 (7) Never Slumber. Psalm 132:1-5,11; Prov 6:4-11; 24:30-34; 1Cor 9:10-14; 13:13. Jesus shook my hand again with the same Loving smile and sent me to his right hand. I was the third and the first-colored person behind two white men He sent to His right hand. The Lord made me understand He appeared to Me because He has Chosen me as one of the FEW to Represent Him and serve Him as His Ambassador! A faithful Ambassador brings healing (Pro 13:17).
  3. 18-20/7/94 – On the 18th of July 1994, I went to one of our lecture rooms at the Petroleum Training Institute, Effurun, Nigeria to pray and read my books. Our school was on strike then and most of the students had gone home. But some of us waited back in school. As I closed my eyes to give thanks to the Lord and pray for the strike to be called off and for the students to return, the Lord opened my eyes and began to show me the state of His Church, Ministers and the Ministry. I saw scene after scene of different aspects and state of His Church, the ministers of the gospel and the true state of the world, the lost, poor, sick, enslaved, oppressed and suffering masses! The same thing happened on the 19th and 20th of July. On the 20th of July 1994, the third day the same encounter I had had on the 18th and 19th, and seeing the scenes again the third time, I was overwhelmed with an unusual burden and asked “Lord Why show me all these? And what am I to do?” Then the Lord said to me, “You will do no secular work with your certificate but will serve Me as My Ambassador! You are to start Christ’s Ambassadors Living Mission Fellowship, a nondenominational Fellowship, to Raise My Ambassadors that will be released and planted into every aspect of the society wherever man is found!” It was in this Encounter that Christ’s Ambassadors Living Mission (CALM) Fellowship was born on the 20/7/94.
  4. 7/8/94 – The Lord appeared to me at 19 Izima Street Aba on the 7/8/94 after a 3days and 3nights fasting and prayers as I knelt down in prayer at about 6 o’clock in the morning. He was dressed as a man of war. He laid His hands on me and Power surged through my entire being and I stood up on my feet. He took me with him and we made for the way out. When we got to the wall, He stretched forth His hand towards the wall and touched it and it opened up on its own and both of us passed through it.  The Lord led me out and said to me, “Go to the depot. I have given you Power” and He left (Lk 10:19; 9:1-2; Mt 10:1,8). His TOUCH is FULL OF POWER. That His POWER is in me now. I AM FULL OF HIS POWER.
  5. On 8/8/94 the 3rd day of 3days fasting, The Lord appeared to me again and gave me A Sword, A Bow and An Arrow. A Sword – His weapon of Offence to destroy all enemies. Eph 6:17; Heb 4:12-13; Rev 6:3-4. A Bow and An Arrow – His weapon of Offence to destroy enemies. Re 6:1-2; Ze 6:1-7; 1:8-11; Ps 45:4-5; 2Ch 12:2.
  6. 17/11/94 – On Thursday 17/11/94, at 2 Akingbola Street, Challenge Mushin, Jesus Christ appeared to me at 03:00 in the morning and gave me the Name Christ’s Ambassadors Living Mission International; and said to me that CALM International will serve as His platform to raise, build and plant His ambassadors, saviours and kings worldwide and restore all things. It was the 3rd day of a 7days dry fasting and prayers programme I had.
  7. 27/3/95 — The Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me and said to me “Behold I give you power and authority over all devils; to cast them out and to heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Bring healing, deliverance and restoration to all.” And He disappeared. Luke 9:1-2; Luke 10:19; Matthew 10:1,8.
  8. 3/6/95 – My Lord Jesus Christ came to me with an Angel and left him with me. The Lord told me the angel was assigned to me as my ministering spirit and guard. He didn’t move till I spoke. “You’ll have to make use of him or he’ll be watching you work or fight alone” says My Lord to me. He 1:7,14; Ps 91:10-13; 34:7; 103:20-21; Is 37:36; 2Kgs 19:35; 2Ch 32:21; Mt 26:53; Jn 11:40-44
  9. 7/7/96 – The LORD appeared to me and said unto me “PEACE!” And He added, “No Matter Your or Their Condition or What You See, Say, ‘Peace’ to All.” Jn 14:27; 16:33; John 20:21-23; Luke 10:5-9,16-19; 2Thess 3:16; Job 34:29; 1;10; Mk 4:39; Psalm 85:8; 46:9; 122:7; 1Sam 25:6; Job 1:10.
  10. 14/7/96 — The Lord brought So many sick people to me in a Visionary encounter. I spoke The Word to them and ministered to them in The Power and Authority of Christ and Proclaimed them healed in The Name of Jesus Christ and they all received their Healing. It was a repeat of Matt 8:16-17; 15:29-31; Luke 4:40; 7:21-22; Mt 4:24; 15:29-31; 21:14; Jn 14:12; Acts 10:38; 2:22.
  11. 2/8/96 – Between 3 and 4am on 2/8/96, the Lord Jesus Christ wore Himself on me and we merged into one. We became One Spirit, One Soul and One Body, having same flesh and same bones (1Cor 6:17; 2:16; Eph 5:30). This Encounter was the strangest encounter I’ve had. And this was the greatest Mantle Transfer I have received from My Lord Jesus. In this encounter, the Lord Jesus took me to the top of a mountain. While we were there, I saw a great multitude of the poor, needy, sick, afflicted, oppressed, maimed, tormented and impotent folks coming to us. My Lord ministered to their needs. I was with Him as He ministered to all of them. At a point He stopped and as we all watched He wore Himself on me. He fused Himself and my entire being into one. And we became one. Our bodies merged into one from head to toe. His Spirit and Life and mine became one. I was subsumed in Him. We became one Body with same flesh, same bones, same spirit, same life, same soul, same mind, same Spirit and anointing, same power and same white clothes. My feet were His feet. My mouth was His mouth. My hands were His hands. Beloved, It’s beyond explanation! We became One Person, One Being! I became the visible, tangible, physical representation of His Person in Manifestation and expression. And the Lord Jesus Christ continued doing in and through me the same works He was doing before. After a while I Heard Him speak to me from within me saying to me ‘Go: You Are My Ambassador and Representative! As My Father has sent Me into the world, even so have I also sent You into the world! Go and do All you’ve seen Me do! The Lord Jesus Christ Said to Me: “My Coming is Near! They [the enemies, the haters of God, the wicked and the adversaries of the Lord] have to be stopped and must be stopped! Go and Place the Cross [My Cross] Over the Pit. It Is Time! Promise Do What I told You: Place the Cross over the Pit That They Fall Not into the pit!” 
  12. 16/02/03 – I had this vision which ended at 02:10am. In the Vision I prayed for a boy with a withered hand and he was made whole. I prayed for another boy who had his arm cut off and it was perfectly joined and he was made whole. Another miracle that took place after prayer was the joining of cut off fingers and arm of a boy and he was healed and made completely whole. The Lord Launched me into creative miracles and wonders. 
  13. 13/2/04 – The Lord said to me You are My Faithful Ambassador! Go, I send You to Bring Healing to all everywhere. And He gave me Proverbs 13:17. 
  14. 04/04/05 – The Lord said to Me, Bring Healing to Mankind. Publish My Words of Life for All everywhere. So, Healing Leaves was born today to carry God’s Healing Word, Power and Testimonies to all everywhere. Ps 68:11,19; 103:3; Ps 107:20; Acts 10:36-38; 2:22; Jn 6:2; Jeremiah 30:2,13,17; Isaiah 8:16,18,20.
  15. 06/04/05 – The Lord said to me this is Your Commission and Core Job: “Go, Teach Healing to Infinity.” Teach the Seed to Infinity! Bring Healing and Restoration to mankind (Pr 13:17,20,22; Zech 8:12; Gen 8:22; Mk 4:3,14,26-32). His Word to the Sick everywhere: Receive My sent Messenger and Ambassador, Hear My Word in his mouth, Believe My Word in his mouth, Act on/obey My Word and receive your Healing/miracles. Prov 13:17; Lk 10:5-9. 
  16. 08/04/05 – CALM Healing & Health Centre born today to serve as Home of Healing and Health for All. Mt 4:24; Lk 4:40-41; Mt 15:29-31; Lk 13:32; 7:21-22; 9:11. Goal and Purpose is to Enforce the Healing and Health of ALL!  
  17. 26/04/05 – The Lord said to me, “Bring Healing to All!” Everyone needs healing! (Isaiah 42:22; 49:24-25). The Way to BRING HEALING TO ALL is to Sow the Seed continually always! (1Pe 1:23; Lk 8:11; Mk 4:3,14,26-29; Pr 4:20-22). “A faithful Ambassador is health and brings Healing.” Pr 13:17; Ps 107:20; Ac 10:34-38; Lk 10:5-9,19; 3John 1:2; Luke 10:5-0-9.  
  18. 23/12/05The Lord said to me: Publish the Word and Bring Healing, Deliverance, Liberty and Restoration to all (Ps 107:20; Pr 13:17). Publish the Word, Publish the Works, Publish the Wonders, Make My Deeds Known, Let Everyone See My Glory Everywhere, Hold “Healing” Seminars And “Teach It – The Seed/Healing” To Infinity Everywhere. “You Cannot Fail with Faith” 5:4; Mk 9:23; 11:22-23.  
  19. 7/1/12 – The Lord said to me HEAL A ZILLION! It was also written and given to me as a Book. Ps 107:20. “A Trustworthy or Faithful envoy or Ambassador is health and Brings Healing.” Pr 13:17; Lk 10:5-9,19.  
  20. 9/1/12The Lord said to me: Your Job Description is Acts 10:38: Go, Do Good and Bring Healing to The Sick Everywhere!  
  21. 28/2/12 – The Lord said to me: Focus on This One Thing: Healing! Focus on Healing and Bring Healing to The Sick Everywhere. Luke 10:18-19,2-9; Jn 10:10; Acts 10:36-38. Remember the Core Job: Go, Teach Healing to Infinity! Teach [Sow] The Seed to Infinity! Heal A Zillion! Bring Healing to The Sick! Heal All Oppressed by Satan! Stop Anything After Man’s Destruction! Proclaim Liberty and Restoration to All Everywhere! 
  22. 10/2/13 I began waiting on the Lord from 1/1/2013 in a fast for more of Him, for the way forward for His Church and for an unusual, uncommon anointing and empowerment for me to do His Will and all He wants. On the 6th of February, 2013, I left Enugu for Lagos and continued waiting on the Lord at77 Tapa Street Ijesha, Lagos till the 17/2/13. In Lagos, I had diverse encounters. I’ve shared the encounters in a Book “Ambassador Promise: Jesus Christ’s Official Ambassador & T. L. Osborn’s Successor on Earth Today! Appearances and Encounters with the Lord Jesus Christ and Mantles of Notable Servants of God Received.” The Book is available in Amazon. On the 10th of February 2013, the 41st day of my waiting on The Lord, He appeared to me in a vision and gave me JESUS MISSION HEADQUARTERS! The Lord said Jesus Mission Headquarters is The Heavenly Assembly and Church of the Firstborn whose Names are written in Heaven. It is the Name of The Headquarter Church Arm of Christ’s Ambassadors Living Mission International (CALM). Jesus Christ told me that Jesus Mission Headquarters is His Platform and Operational headquarters on earth in these last days as Eden was Adam’s Mission Headquarters to make and restore man to God’s image and likeness and restore all things as God has said (Acts 3:18-21). 
  23. On 12/2/13 the 43rd day of Waiting on The Lord, He spoke to me again saying “God’s Greatest Secret is THE SEED! The Seed and the Seed System is God’s greatest Secret revealed to man. Therefore, Teach on SOWING the Seed and REAPING the Harvest to everyone everywhere! Teach on The Seed. It is the only way out when everything else has failed or fails. It is the only way out. Sow and teach all TO SOW!” Lk 8:11; Ge 1:11-12,29; Ge 8:22; Mk 4:3,14,26-29 
  24. On Thursday 14/2/13 the 45th day of the fast, I had an unusual vision. In that vision The Lord took me to a Heavenly Sanctuary where a special Impartation and Handover service was holding. My head and hands were anointed and The Mantle of The Lord’s Apostle of Healing and Miracles to the world, Dr T. L. Osborn, was transferred to me. That was the same day Dr T. L. Osborn went back home to be with The Lord (see 2Kgs 2:9-15; 13:14-17; Num 11:16-17,25,31). 
  25. On Saturday 16/2/13, the 47th of the fast The Lord appeared to me from 02:26am-5am. Here is a part of what the Lord said to me: “All I have said (My Word) and written is for You. Believe it and stand on it. I cannot change it. It is settled forever (Ps 119:89). Scriptures cannot be broken (Jn 10:35). If you cannot take and believe My Word, there is nothing I can do for you. I cannot lie (Titus 1:2; Heb 6:18; Num 23:19) and I cannot alter what I have said and written (Is 55:10-11; Ps 89:34). Take Me at My Word and walk on water (Mt 14:32). Take Me at My Word and do all the miracles and wonders and signs as I have commanded you (Ac 2:22; Jn 14:12). My Word (Testimony) is the Spirit of Prophecy and is more authentic than any voice you may hear any day (2Pe 1:19). Take Me at My Word and Go! Take Me at My Word and Go! It Is well with you! (Is 3:10; 2Kgs 4:26). Believe My Word and stand on it. Stand on My Word very boldly and say, “Thus says the Lord any day, anywhere under any circumstances. You are My Messenger; My Ambassador! And My Spirit and Power is in you and upon you. I will not fail you nor let My Words in your mouth spoken in My Name fall to the ground. All must surely come to pass. I Love You with an everlasting Love and will not fail you. Go for I am with you to keep you and to give you All you need. Go for I have sent you and I Am with you. No man shall be able to stand before you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, Joshua, Elijah and with My Prophets that I sent by Myself in My Name; As I was with Paul and with past apostles and prophets that I sent by Myself and in My Name; As I was with John Alexander Dowie, A. A. Allen, Kathryn Kuhlman, John G. Lake, Maria Woodworth Etter, William Braham, F. F. Bosworth, E. W. Kenyon, Smith Wigglesworth, Kenneth E. Hagin, Oral Roberts and My Servant T. L. Osborn even so will I be with you. I will use you to bring honour to My Glorious Name. Go! And fear not! For through you My Kingdom, Power and Glory will be manifested everywhere all over the world. Go for You are My Chosen Son and Servant. I Love You. I Am with You. I will not fail you. Go in My Name! I have chosen You. Go for I have blessed You. No man shall be able to curse You. Whoever blesses You I will bless. Whoever curses You I will curse. By You shall all the families of the earth be blessed (Ge 12:3; 18:18; 22:17-18; 26:3-4; 28:14). I give You My Covenant of Salt (2Chron 13:5; Num 13:5; Num 18:19; 2Sam 7:8-16). You are My Chosen Elect. I Love You specially. You are My Seed. You are My Special Son – My Beloved Son with Whom I Am well pleased. Go for I Am with You to uphold You till I have fulfilled and performed All My Words to You. Go for I Am with You always till the end!” (1Chron 17:23; Lk 1:38,45). As the Lord paused, I said to The Lord Jesus Dr T. L. Osborn is still alive. How can YOU say “As I was with My Servant T. L. Osborn, so I will be with you?” And the Lord repeated “As I was with My Servant T. L. Osborn, so will I be with you!” At this point, the Lord ended the discourse. It was 5am. 
  26. 17/2/13On Sunday 17/2/13 Being the 48th day of my waiting on the Lord, while still in Lagos, The Lord graciously gave me Genesis 26:3-4: He says “Sojourn in this land, and I will be with thee, and will bless thee; for unto thee, and unto thy seed, I will give all these countries, and I will perform the oath which I sware unto Abraham thy father; And I will make thy seed to multiply as the stars of heaven, and will give unto thy seed all these countries; and in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed.” See Gen 12:3; 18:18; 22:17-18; Ex 32:13; Ga 3:8,13-14,29; Ge 26:3-4; 28:14). The Lord Jesus Christ met me, spoke to me and sent me just as the Lord God met Moses at the Burning Bush Encounter, spoke to him and sent Moses to go and bring Israel out of Egypt. From 6-12/2/13, Jesus Christ met me, spoke to me and sent me as He sent Moses. On this last day of Encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ, He gave me this final Word and Commission and Release just as He did Moses.

a). Jesus Christ met me as He met Moses, gave me His Authority and Power on 8/2/13. Jesus gave me “Jesus Mission Headquarters” on 10/2/13. The Lord gave me the Mantle of His Servant Dr T L Osborn on 14/2/13. And Gave me Genesis 26:3-4 on 17/2/13. Mt 28:9; Ex 3:7-10,14-15

b). Jesus Christ spoke to Me as He Spoke to Moses. Mt 28:9-10; Ex 4:1-12. Note the signs and weapons: the miracle Rod, Hand, Blood and Mouth

c). Jesus Christ said to me Rejoice. All Hail. Celebrate. Jubilate. It’s Jubilee Time. Mt 28.9; Lev 25:9-10

d). Jesus Christ sent me as He sent Moses. Mt 28:9-10; Ex 4:17,21; 34:10

e). Jesus Christ said to me don’t be afraid. Mt 28:10; 2Tim 1:7; Is 43:10-13

f). Jesus Christ said to me go and tell my brethren they will see Me. Mt 28:10

g). Jesus Christ said to me stand and show all that all Authority and Power in Heaven and earth given to Him is now available to meet all your needs. Mt 28:18; Rev 5:12; 12:10; Lk 10:19; Jn 14:12; Mk 16:17

h). Jesus Christ said to me go and make Ambassadors, Saviours and Kings of all nations. Mt 28:19; Lk 6:40; Pr 13:17; Ge 1:26-29

i). Jesus Christ said to me baptize all into all the Godhead is now. Mt 28:19; Co 1:19; 2:9; Jn 1:1,14; Ph 2:9

j). Jesus Christ said to me teach all to obey all I have commanded you to do. Mt 28:19; 10:1-10; Ex 3:18; 5:3; 7:16; 9:1; 9:16; 10:3; 23:25-26; Job 36:11

k). Jesus Christ said to me I am with you now and always. Mt 28:19; Heb 13:5-6

l). Jesus Christ said to me that miracles, wonders and signs must follow me for He must confirm my words. Lk 24:44-48; Mk 16:20. Ended the fasting and prayer this 12th day having received all I desired and more.

  1. 01/03/13 – The LORD said to me: Publish the Works of Jesus Christ everywhere. Advertise the Doings of Jesus Christ the Lord. Make known the Miracles of Jesus Christ the Lord. Bear Testimony of the Acts of the Lord Jesus Christ. Be My Witness of all My Signs and Wonders everywhere. Share/Spread Testimonies of All I AM Doing forever. Go and Tell All everywhere of All My Miracles and Wonders and Signs and All I have Done for you and commanded you. Jn 11:25-26; Ac 10:38 2:22; 1:1-3; Lk 24:44-48.
  2. 28/2/13-4/3/13 – The Lord commanded me this morning as I was in Ekene Dili Chukwu bus for Lagos me to go to Redemption Camp and see His Servant Pastor E.A.Adeboye. Without knowing why, I obeyed and went to Redemption Camp. Against all odds, I got a room already booked for a RCCG Pastor. I Checked into the room and as soon as I knelt to give thanks, I heard The Holy Spirit ask me to ASK FOR ANYTHING I WANT! As I considered what to ask The Holy Ghost reminded me of what Elisha asked for when he was asked a similar question (2Kings 2:9-15). So, I asked for a 7-Fold measure of The Spirit of The Lord at work in the life of God’s Servant Pastor Adeboye since I found out he was holding a Special Holy Ghost Convention to mark his 71st To the Glory of God, I received the 7fold measure of the Spirit, Anointing, Power, Wisdom and Grace of The Lord at work in Pst Adeboye. Details are in The Encounter Notebook (RCCG – My Redeemers Sermon Notebook). The Lord gave me 7Signs: (1) Impartation and Commissioning (2) Transference of Mantle as the Lord commanded Pst Adeboye at few minutes after 01:00am on 2/3/13. (3) I received Laying on of Hands for Super Grace for Ministry on 2/3/13. (4) Anointing and Dedication under The Cloud of Glory on Saturday night 2/3/13. (5) Pst Adeboye prayed Prayer of Agreement that whatever we asked God for was ours. (6) 7 Boys born during the meeting for the 1st time since the beginning of Holy Ghost. Convention 27years ago, as against the sign the Lord gave Pst Adeboye of 1Boy. (7) Consecration and Release during the Divine Encounter Service.
  3. 30/3/13 – I slept in Room 12 at Doris Dey Lodge Benin City and had this vision. A young man with a very big head and hands and legs like drum stick was brought to where I was and dumped on the ground before me. I asked The Lord to restore life to him and commanded him to be healed and for his hands and legs to grow in Jesus Name. As we watched the hands and legs grew and his head reduced to normal size. He was made completely whole and walked away on his own before the eyes of all. (cf. Jn 5:1-9; Ac 9:32-35; Ac 14:7-10). It was the proof that The Lord has indeed endued me with Power for His work as His Ambassador and Witness and has ushered me into an Apostolic era. Glory be to Him alone.
  4. On 17/2/14 while in Lagos I was led by The Spirit of The Lord to go and see His Servant Bishop David O. Oyedepo again. This time it was specifically for a 7fold measure of the Anointing, Wisdom and Grace of The Lord at Work in his life. I obeyed and went to Canaanland with a typed note on WHY I CAME TO SEE GOD’S SERVANT. Against all odds, I met him and presented the copy of my note to him. He looked at it, laid his hand on me and declared “RECEIVE YOUR DESIRE!” And also laid his hand on the note and declared “RECEIVE YOUR DESIRE!” I presented The Manuscript of my new book “8 DECISIVE HOURS TO THE TOPMOST…” which I had wanted him to write the forward. He laid his hand on the manuscript and declared “RECEIVE YOUR DESIRE!” And I received My Desire of the 7fold measure of the Anointing, Wisdom and Grace of The Lord at Work in Bishop David O. Oyedepo just as The Lord had ordained and as he laid his hands on me and declared “RECEIVE YOUR DESIRE! RECEIVE YOUR DESIRE! RECEIVE YOUR DESIRE!” Glory be to God! See Lk 18:41-43.
  5. 7/7/15 – The Lord gave me Leviticus 25:10 and said to me: Go and Proclaim Liberty throughout all the world to all the inhabitants and return (restore) all to their possession and family of God! see Lk 4:18-19
  6. 2/2/16 – The Lord gave to me Mic 5:7-9 today and said unto me, “I send you into the world as the dew from The Lord and as The Showers upon the grass that tarries not for man nor waiteth for the sons of men; I send you into the world as a lion among the beats of the forest and as a young lion among the flocks of sheep, who if he goeth through both treadeth down and teareth in pieces, and none can deliver. Thine hand shall be lifted up upon thine adversaries, and all thine enemies shall be cut off. (see Ps 72:2-19)
  7. 3/2/16 – The. LORD gave me Phil 3:20 today. He said to me “Your Citizenship Is in Heaven! You are not of this world as I Am not of this world. You are My Ambassador to the world! Go: As the Father has sent Me, even So send I You!” Jn 17:14,16,18; 20:21-23; 13:20; 3:12-17,31-35; Lk 10:16; 4:18-19; Acts 10:38.
  8. 19/2/16 – The Lord gave to me today Isaiah 11:1-5. He says, “The spirit of the LORD is upon YOU, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD; And shall make YOU of quick understanding in the fear of the LORD: and YOU shall not judge after the sight of YOUR eyes, neither reprove after the hearing of YOUR ears: But with righteousness shall YOU judge the poor, and reprove with equity for the meek of the earth: and YOU shall smite the earth: with the rod of YOUR mouth, and with the breath of YOUR lips shall YOU slay the wicked.” For The mouth of The Lord has spoken!
  9. 29/9/16 – Hosea 14:5-7 was given to me by The Lord. He said, “I, The Lord, will be as the dew unto you and You shall grow blossom and flourish like the lily of the field and cast forth your roots and be established as the cedar of Lebanon…. You shall shoot out great branches and spread worldwide and your beauty shall be as the Olive tree and your smell as Lebanon. All meant to dwell under your shadow shall return; they shall revive as the corn, and grow as the Vine: the scent or memorial thereof shall be as the wine of Lebanon- everlasting!”
  10. 12/11/16Take Healing from Christ to the world – To every creature everywhere! It was also given to me written as a Book just like Heal a Zillion. 1Peter 2:24; Mt 8:16-17; Isaiah 53:1,4-6

I’m a product of God’s Grace. Every encounter has been based on His Act of mercy and grace. I have tried to labour in preparation for many years and above many. Now is the Time to do the work. Are You ready for All the Lord has for You? Then Come and Receive!

We are not here for arguments! The time is short, the task is enormous but the Lord our God is Able, Willing and Ready!  

I welcome you to the greatest moment in the history of the Kingdom of God and the Church! What eyes have not seen nor ears heard that God has prepared for us, You will handle from now. Anything Possible in Heaven is possible NOW for All that will Believe! Expect Jesus Christ to prove to You that He is Alive today! Expect to be restored in every area of life and for you to live and enjoy everything that belongs to Jesus and You as God’s child and Christ’s joint heir now.

There is No Reason for you or anyone you love to suffer today! Jesus has paid the full price for your total freedom from all evils; And He has provided All that is required for You to Be Made Like Him, Live Like Him and Do All He did today! Be a part of the Move of God and Partake of All things; For All Things Are Ready! Come Now and Receive. All Tings Are Yours! Peace and many Blessings!  

What We Do

As Christ’s Ambassadors, Saviours and Kings, we bring the Goodnews, Peace, Healing, Liberty, Restoration and HeavenNow to all. We are continuing to do all the works Jesus did, is doing and has commanded to be done on earth today. We are also raising building and planting Christ’s ambassadors, saviours and kings everywhere and restoring all things according to the Heavenly pattern! 

God wants mankind restored to His image and likeness and for all to enjoy every provision of Heaven on earth now!

This is why Christ’s Ambassadors Living Mission International aka Jesus Mission Headquarters and HEAVENow!

The Heavenly Commission

To Bring the Goodnews to All everywhere, Stop anything after man’s destruction, Bring Peace, Healing, Liberty and Restoration to all, Raise, Build and Plant all as Christ’s Ambassadors Saviours and Kings everywhere and Restore all things according to the Heavenly Pattern!

Our Heavenly Vision

To Restore all things everywhere at all cost and by all means!