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About HEAVENow

God wants Heaven duplicated on earth and His Will done on earth as it is done in Heaven! We’re here To Stop anything after man’s destruction, Raise, Build and Plant Christ’s Ambassadors everywhere and Restore All things according to the Heavenly Pattern!

Jesus said “When You pray, say, Our Father which is in Heaven, Let Your Name be Honoured. Let Your Kingdom  (of Heaven) come to earth. Let Your Will be done on earth, as in Heaven.” Luke 11:2

God wants everyone of His children restored to His image and likeness and to Live here on earth enjoying  everything available in Heaven Now!

This is why Christ’s Ambassadors Living Mission International (Jesus Mission Headquarters) and HEAVENow!


The Lord said to Me “The Time is Up! It is Restoration time, Go, I send You as My Ambassador, Preach The Gospel to ALL; Stop anything after man’s destruction; Bring Healing, Liberty and Restoration to all, Raise, Build and Plant ALL  as Christ Ambassadors everywhere and Restore all things according to the Heavenly Pattern!”


To Restore all things everywhere at all cost and by all means! 

Jesus Christ came from Heaven to earth to Restore man and the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. 

Jesus Christ died and was raised back to life to Restore man to the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Heaven on earth or HEAVEN-Now is God’s Will for man and is our Message. It is our Song. It is our Mandate.

HeavenNowisReal and We are here to make HeavenNow the experience of everyone. Welcome to HeavenNow!