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Testimony of A Bridged Child in The Womb Supernaturally Corrected

About a week to my wife’s Expected Delivery Date (EDD), she was asked by her doctor to go for the last scan. She went and the Scan result showed that the child in her womb was bridged. She collected the result and came back almost weeping. When I saw, I asked her what the matter was and she gave me the scan result. I took it from and looked at it and the drawing I saw there in the scan result meant nothing to me. So, I asked her what did they say? Then she said they said the baby was bridged. I laughed hilariously and asked her “Where was the bridge? In her womb? Who built the bridge, Julius Berger or which construction company? All the while, I was laughing? She was not happy and told me I don’t take anything seriously. I asked her why she thinks I should take a lie seriously? Of course, that report was lie, I told her. She said How can it be a lie? Can a machine lie? Well, I told her according to God who ALONE cannot lie, “Science is false!” 1Timothy 6:20. So, every scientific machine made by man that gives a report that contradicts the Truth from God’s Word is a lie. And to prove it to her, I gave her money and told her to go to the same place and let the same person that did the scan do another scan the same day. She reluctantly went. The person that did the scan didn’t initially want to do another scan but when he was told she was paying for it, he did another scan. And to his surprise, the second scan was perfect. The bridge was no more there. The baby was normal. Everything was right. The God of Miracles did a special miracle. You know what? I didn’t pray for my wife or for the scan report to change. I just told her Science is false and no fact of science cannot stand the TRUTH of God. And the bridged child in the womb heard and adjusted and the scientific equipment also adjusted itself and everything was just okay. Praise God!

Please Listen to Me: Everything You have been told, no matter how factual, that contradicts Scripture is FALSE! Let God be true and let all men and all their equipment and facts be liars (Romans 3:4). You must believe the report of God only, always (Isaiah 53:1). Ignore the lies and facts no matter who or what is telling it. We walk by faith not by sight (2Cor 5:7).

Now I declare that every lying, factual report you have been given that is causing you pain and anguish, be supernaturally corrected or changed NOW in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Hear me, everything they told you is wrong with you, your wife, husband, child, father, mother, brother, sister, or any loved one is hereby declared supernaturally corrected in Jesus Name. Weep no more. Fear no more. It is over with weeping in Jesus Name. Peace.

I am expecting Your testimony. It is well in Jesus Name. Amen!






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