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Your Sickness Embarrasses and Dishonors God Our Father

Your sickness embarrasses and dishonors God Our Father. Believe that Jesus paid the full price to Heal you and Receive Your Healing.
Any Gospel that does not bring you healing spirit, soul and body is not the Gospel Jesus sent us to preach. Be Healed in Jesus Name!
They brought ALL their sick to Jesus and He HEALED everyone of them (Luke 4:40). Come to Jesus today and He will heal you.

Christ’s Ambassadors do not reflect Christ if they are sick. May every sickness and disease leave you for good in Jesus Name!
Sickness is not a Good gift, not from God and not from Heaven (James 1:17). Please fight it! I will not rest until you are healed.
If You are a child of God, sickness should be alien to you. HeavenNow means freedom from all sicknesses. Be Healed and free!
Do you know being Sick makes you Satan’s home? Mt 12:43-45

I cast every devil of sickness out of you! Be healed and free in Jesus Name!

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