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War Against Sickness (WAS)

The War Against Sickness (WAS) is a WON war. Jesus won the war on behalf of mankind. Sickness has been conclusively dealt with and FINISHED by the Lord Jesus Christ. Disease has been destroyed.

We want to make sickness a thing of the past in your life! You will will be healed and live healthy from this day forward.
Please don’t watch sickness ruin your joy, peace, life or that of your loved ones. Sickness thrives where ignorance rules. Get Light today. Get understanding. KNOW! Yes, Know what The Lord Jesus Christ has done for You!

No Father wants his child sick. No Father who can heal his child will fail to do so now. God wants you healed now and He has paid the FULL PRICE to heal you. So, Be Healed in Jesus Name.
Regardless of what you have done that you think qualified you to be sick, you are not to be sick and cannot be sick.
Therefore, I command that You Be Healed of every sickness and every disease in the Name of Jesus Christ!

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