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Sickness is Hell on Earth!

Sickness brings torments. Sickness is HELL on earth. Why must YOU be or remain sick? I announce your Healing in Jesus Name.
Having sickness in your body is like leaving a snake in a room with a child. The end is death! We can’t afford that. Be Healed!
Your tomorrow is not guaranteed with sickness in you! We have the answer! Don’t watch sickness ruin YOU. Join us and Be Healed in Jesus Name.
Sickness does not respect age, status, position or class. Sickness hates you. Why treat it? React against it. Be healed by force!
Nobody serves clean water in a dirty cup. Sickness makes you filthy and unfit to fulfill God’s Purpose. Be healed & cleaned up!
HeavenNow is God’s Will for man. HeavenNow is total freedom from all evils. Sickness is evil and not in Heaven. Be Healed and free.

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