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My Mission is to See YOU Healed!

My Mission is to see you healed and free from every sickness and disease that cannot be seen in Jesus Christ now. Until this is done, I will not rest and I won’t give you rest. Please forgive me for this. But I will fight until you are healed.

There is NO SICKNESS and NO SICK PERSON that Jesus Christ CANNOT Heal. He’s Paid the Price for YOUR Healing. So, You must Be Healed in Jesus Name!

The Price God My Father paid to get You healed is too Great and so High that I won’t allow the devil to keep you sick or rob you of your healing. You must be healed at all cost and by all means. Therefore, I command you to be healed today and now in Jesus Name. Come on, Receive Your Healing Now! Claim your Healing by Faith and be free. Peace!

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