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Are You Aware that Sickness kills over 96% of the People that die Daily?

Are you aware that sickness kills over 96% of the people that die each day? I pray for you: You and your family will not die sick!

Sickness is evil and makes you unlike God! All who saw Jesus saw God. John 14:9
I command every sickness in your body to leave!

Do You know you don’t really Believe in God if You don’t Believe Him to Heal You Now? Sickness is evil and destroys. Be Healed NOW

Satan wants to kill you with sickness! Why are you treating it? Get angry! React against sickness. In Jesus Name I command your release now! Rise up and walk out on the devil.

Jesus was as healthy as God is and showed God to all. Jesus was never sick. Be healed of any sickness making you unlike God!

God did not abandon Christ in hell. No matter what you have done, that your problem has expired. You are released in Jesus Name!

You cannot hear, believe and receive My Words and be sick or suffer lack and want. It is over with Satan’s works in your life!

You cannot be Christ’s Ambassadors and suffer like others. No! I therefore decree your freedom from suffering Now! Peace!

There was nowhere Jesus went and failed. There was nothing Jesus did and failed. Experience uncommon success this week!

This is the day that The Lord has made; YOU shall rejoice and be glad in it. Have a Miracle-filled day today. Peace!

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