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The Secret to a An Impactful Ministry!

The Secret to a An Impactful Ministry!

On the 21st of May 1995, I was taken to Heaven. Jesus Christ and I stood on the balcony of a great and beautiful mansion whose foundation I couldn’t see (see Amos 9:6). The Lord showed me Preachers walking on people’s heads and shoulders as their platform in order to preach to them. The people were hungry and thirsty and were weeping. They were being trampled upon, yet yearning for the TRUTH (see Amos 8:11-13). I saw My Lord Jesus weeping and shaking His head.

Again, the Lord showed me the agony and pain of those in Hell. And what a sight! As we beheld the abuse of His people, The Lord pointed His right hand towards them and said to me, “See what is happening to the people I died for. 

The Lord Jesus gave me A WELL USED COPY OF THE BIBLE and said to me “GO and tell them (The Preachers and The People) to Repent and Believe in His Finished work and they will be Restored.”

I asked ‘How will I do it? And He said to me:

“BE SEPARATE! Go, I send YOU as My Ambassador and Witness with My Authority and Power: Stop anything after their destruction, Raise, Build and Plant all as My Ambassadors. Let them know the truth. Teach All the TRUTH and Spread them as My Seed ALL over the earth and restore all things.”

What is the Secret to an Impactful Ministry?

The secret is to wait until you hear a definite word from the mouth of the Lord before you step out. And when you go, Do only what He commanded. That’s it. Peace!

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