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How to Have An Encounter of a Lifetime!

How to Have An Encounter of a Lifetime!

The Lord appeared to me on the 7/8/94 after 72 hours of waiting on the Lord. The Lord Jesus Christ came to the room where I knelt down in prayer at about 6 o’clock in the morning, dressed as a man of war. The door and windows were all locked and barred from outside and I was inside the room. He laid His hands on me and I stood up on my feet. He took me with him and we made for the way out. When we got to the wall, He stretched forth His hand towards the wall and touched it and it opened up on its own enough space for both of us to pass through.  The Lord led me out and said to me, “Go to the depot. I have given you power” and He left.

Lk 10:18-19; 9:1-2; 4:36; Mt 10:1,8; Mk 6:7; Mic 3:8; Hab 3:4; Rom 11:29. 

NOTICE: When the woman touched the Hem of His clothes, POWER went out of Jesus to minister to her need. When Jesus touched the leper, POWER went into the leper and leprosy went out. 

Likewise, when Jesus touched the wall, it gave way. His TOUCH is FULL OF POWER. And that POWER of Jesus is in me now. I AM FULL OF HIS POWER. My Body is full of His Power. And my Touch and Words release HIS Power.

Are you eager to see His Power and works now?

Do you desire an encounter?

Then, connect today! Or you can wait on the Lord in a Fast and Pray to hear from Him!

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