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God’s Servant Bishop David O. Oyedepo said he read the Book “Smith Wigglesworth: Apostle of Faith” and saw how Wigglesworth despised the devil and that sparked off something inside him and made him belittle the devil. That light resulted in his writing a book titled “Satan Get Lost.”
In 1995, unaware of his encounter, I bought 4 books on Smith Wigglesworth: Baptised by Fire by Jack Hywel-Davies, The Secret of His Power by Albert Hibbert, A Man who Walked with God by George Stormont, Apostle of Faith by Stanley Howard Frodsham and later Ever-Increasing Faith.
I began by reading “The Secret of of His Power.” On Page 51, I read this brief account: “The only anger Smith Wigglesworth ever exhibited was against he devil…He also experienced satanic visitation, but he was never afraid of the devil.
On one occasion Wigglesworth awoke during the night aware of a satanic presence. Looking across the room, he saw the Devil himself standing there. Wigglesworth said to Satan, “Oh, it’s only you.” Then he turned over and went back to sleep.” [Smith Wigglesworth: The Secret of His Power by Albert Hibbert, Page 51].
As I read this account, something sparked off inside of me and I saw the Nothingness of Satan. And I wrote a Book titled “The Nothingness of Satan: The Deadliest Weapon in the Hands of the Believer!” It came out of the press on Saturday, 19-3-2005. And on Sunday 20-3-2005, I went to Canaanland, gave my testimony and presented a copy to God’s Servant Bishop Oyedepo.
The truth is that I never heard about Papa’s encounter or testimony with the Apostle of Faith” till after my book came out in 2005.
Divine encounters are real. If you have not read Satan Get Lost and Nothingness of Satan, please do yourself a favour and read both this season. God bless you. Peace!
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