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Jesus Christ’s Staff Of Office Transferred To Amb. Promise Ogbonna

God says “A man can receive nothing unless it has been given to him from heaven.” John 3:27

Under the sun nothing is new. “That which has been is what will be, That which is done is what will be done, And there is nothing new under the sun. That which is has been long ago, and that which is to be has been long ago: and God seeks again that which is passed away.” Ec. 1:9; 3:15.

God believes in Mantle Transfers. The Bible shows that Mantle Transfer is real. And because Mantle Transfer was real in Bible times, it is still real today. And I am a living proof of the validity of Mantle Transfers. Many of God’s people are struggling to live and my goal is to show everyone who will dare believe The Lord and my testimony what it takes to walk into a new season of sweatless manifestations and ease through connecting with what is already available. Yes! God can Transfer Mantles or give you anything if you meet the necessary requirement.

I have never prayed for any mantle transfer in my life for once but I have received Choice Mantles that people are hungry for and toiling themselves to get. I want to share with you some strange appearances of the Lord Jesus Christ and the encounters.

Jesus Christ Appeared to me, Chose me and sent me

On 20/9/90 Jesus appeared to me for the first time. He stood at a Point along the way that led to 2 different destinations. I saw so many people lined up behind me and some were in front of me. We were all walking towards Him. I observed that He would ask a question, then listen to the response of the individual and afterwards send each person to either His right hand or His left. When it got to my turn, The Lord Jesus just looked at me and smiled a loving smile and instead of asking me a question, He shook my hands. I asked Him “Why I found it difficult to Preach.” He smiled again with the same Loving smile and asked me if I was a man or a child? I answered Him “I believe I am a man since I had just passed 18 years”. He smiled again and gave me two (2) large figures – something like 1/12000000000000000 & 1/144000000000000000. He didn’t explain to me what those figures meant. He shook my hands again with the same Loving smile and sent me to his right hand. I was the third and the first colored person behind two white people that He sent to His right Hand before the vision ended.

Jesus Christ Gave me Power and Authority

On 27/3/95 The Lord Jesus Christ came to me and said to me “Behold I give you power and authority over all devils to cast them out, and to heal all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease. “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Freely you have received, freely give. Bring healing, deliverance and restoration to all.” And He gave Matthew 10:1,8; Luke 10:19 and left.

I was taken to Heaven and Jesus Christ Gave me His Copy of The Bible

On 21/5/95 I was taken to Heaven and found myself standing with The Lord Jesus Christ on the balcony of a great beautiful mansion whose foundation I couldn’t see (see Amos 9:6). As we stood on that beautiful balcony looking out, The Lord brought to my view a picture of a great multitude that cannot be numbered by the seashore. As I watched, I saw Preachers stepping on the shoulders and heads of people as their platform to speak to them. The people were hungry, thirsty and some even weeping yet yearning for the TRUTH (see Amos 8:11-13). I saw The Lord shaking His head. While there with the Lord, He brought to my view the agony and pain of those in Hell and what a sight! After showing me the agony, pain, misery and gnashing of teeth of those in hell, the Lord redirected my focus on His people that were being trampled upon by the so called Preachers. As we beheld the abuse of His people, He pointed His right hand to them and said to me, “See what is happening to the people I died for. Then, The Lord Jesus Christ gave me a well-used, maroon-Coloured, leather bound Copy of The Bible and said to me “GO and tell them [the Preachers and the People] to Repent.” I asked ‘How will I do it? And He said to me, “Be Separate! Go, I send YOU as My Ambassador: Let them know the Truth. Teach All The Truth; Stop anything after their destruction, Raise, Build and Plant them as My Ambassadors everywhere and restore all things. Spread them as My Seed everywhere!”

Jesus Christ Gave Me His Staff Of Office

On Saturday July 6, 1996, The Lord Jesus Christ came to me and said to me, “It is well” After He spoke those amazing words, He gave me His certified Copy of THE BIBLE and said to me, “Take, This is My Staff of Office” [Staff of Authority and Power]. After the LORD gave me His Staff of Office, as we watched, something like a mist appeared. Right before my eyes, a horse emerged from ‘the midst of that mist’ and jumped about and stopped. The Lord said me The Staff He gave to me created and produced the mist and the horse. Furthermore, The Lord Jesus said to me that His Staff of office that He gave to me is My Rod for the working of Miracles, Wonders and Signs. Then He said to me “Go with My Staff and Do My work as Moses went with his Rod and did the signs and wonders as he was told.”

Jesus Christ Merged Himself and myself together and WE Became One

On 2/8/96, between 03:00am and 04:00am, The Lord Jesus took me to the top of a mountain. I looked and as far as I could see, a great multitude of people, poor, needy, sick, afflicted, oppressed, tormented, maimed and impotent folks coming from everywhere to us on that mountain. I stood with the Lord as He ministered to all the people (compare Matthew 15:29-31).

At a point He stopped and as I watched, He merged himself and me together and we became ONE. The two of us became one having one spirit and one soul and one body – same flesh, same bones and same blood! This is beyond explanation. The Lord Jesus “wore” Himself on me. He made me all He is. I became ONE with The Lord Jesus as both of us merged together and became one. Our Bodies merged into One from Head to toe. His Spirit and Life and Mine Became One. I was subsumed in Him. We Became One Body with The Same Flesh, Same Bones, Same Spirit, Same Life, Same Soul, Same Mind, Same Anointing, Same Power and Same Clothe [White] Raiment. My Feet Was His Feet. My Mouth Was His Mouth. My Hands Were His Hands. Beloved, It is Beyond Explanation! We Became One Person, One Being! I Became the Visible Tangible, Physical, Express Image, Expression and Representation of His Person in Manifestation. This was the greatest “Mantle Transfer” I received from The Lord Jesus Christ. And it was a very strange one to me.

The Lord Jesus continued doing the same work he began to do, but now He did all through me. He spoke with my mouth, touched and healed with my hands, met every single need through my person. It was simply awesomely indescribable. I became the physical representation, manifestation and expression of the Lord Jesus Christ in person. Jesus Christ made me His official Ambassador and Living Witness.

At a point, He paused and I heard Him say to me from within me, “What you have seen Me do and which I have done in and through you, Go and do everywhere. I have come to do My work through you! As My Father Has Sent Me into The World, Even So Have I Sent You into The World! My Coming Is Near! They Have To Be Stopped! Go and Place My Cross Over The Pit! It Is Time! Promise Do What I Told You; Place The Cross over the Pit That They Fall Not into the pit!” Glory be to The Lord

Jesus: The Executive Director Gave Me His Signed Copy of The Bible

On 6/5/14, at 12:45pm I had this trancelike vision. I saw some Bibles which I was told Jesus Christ Himself wrote His Name on and gave to people personally. I asked for my copy and The One in charge told me I will be given My Copy. As I turned, I looked up and saw Jesus Christ with His hand stretched towards me from Heaven with a Bible having not just His Name but His Picture and Signed by him. In The Bible was written Jesus: The Executive Director. I opened my hands and received it. Oh! What a privilege! Jesus gave me His Own Bible on more time! As I received it and read the inscription in it – Jesus: The Executive Director, The Hand was lifted back to Heaven and I was filled with joy. Halleluyah!

Jesus Christ Gave me ALL THE DOCUMENTS THAT belonged to the HEIR

On 5/4/16 I had this special uncommon vision. In the Vision, the Lord Jesus came to me and handed over to me “ALL THE DOCUMENTS THAT belonged to the HEIR!”

According to Hebrews 1:2, Jesus is God’s appointed heir of all things. By the handover of all His Documents as the Heir of all things to me the Lord Jesus Christ gave me His Right of Ownership and made me the Authentic Heir of All things. All things that are His are mine in reality and I am here to Manage All things as God’s Heir and on behalf of The Godhead and Heaven.

Jesus Christ sent me as His Official Ambassador and Representative to Execute Righteousness and Justice for all who are oppressed and to give everyone his or her rightful inheritance. And it shall be done. You will no longer be denied. Only Believe!

To Him alone be all the Glory.

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