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Hold On To The Word of The Lord to You

“And the word of the Lord came to me, saying, Son of man, what is this saying which you have about the land of Israel, The time is long and every vision comes to nothing? For this cause say to them, This is what the Lord has said: I have made this saying come to an end, and it will no longer be used as a common saying in Israel; but say to them, The days are near, and the effect of every vision. For there will be no more false visions or smooth use of secret arts in Israel. For I am the Lord; I will say the word and what I say I will do; it will not be put off: for in your days, O uncontrolled people, I will say the word and do it, says the Lord. Again the word of the Lord came to me, saying, Son of man, see, the children of Israel say, The vision which he sees is for the days which are a long way off, and his words are of times still far away. Say to them then, This is what the Lord has said: Not one of my words will be put off any longer, but what I say I will do, says the Lord.” (Ezekiel 12:21-28; BBE)
Abraham heard from God and announced to everyone that he was father of nations for 25 years without a child and people mocked him. He held onto The Lord who spoke to him.
Joseph had a night vision and shared it with his family that the Lord showed him he will rule and they hated him and hurt him very badly. But he held onto God.
The Lord anointed David king and his brothers took offense and Saul wanted him dead at all cost. But he stayed focused.
Jesus came and announced in Nazareth that the Spirit of the Lord was upon Him and the people thought that their poor carpenter brother who had been struggling to earn a living among them was lying to deceive the people and took him out of the synagogue to kill Him. But Jesus went everywhere in all of Galilee saying the same thing to everyone (Luke 4:16-19; Acts 10:36-38).
I don’t know what the Lord has told you, given to you or done for you that appear doubtful or stirring jealousy among your brethren: Please hold on to the Lord and His Word to you! It is well. The Lord will watch over His Word to perform it; and all your mockers will see it. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad. Make up your mind to dance and celebrate The Lord God today. It’s a new season! Have a lovely day. Peace!

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