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Here’s a Great Opportunity to Be Blessed by Being A Blessing!

Here is a Divine opportunity for you to be Blessed by being a blessing: Be a Part of Establishing A Healing Center for The Healing of The Incurably Sick with Terminal Diseases.

There are many who are dying today due to all kinds of organ failures and diseases e.g., heart failure, kidney failure, liver crisis, cancer, tumor, diabetes, high blood pressure, fibroid and other diabolical diseases.

Many have died because of these incurable sicknesses and diseases. But the truth is that God has made a provision for these evil diseases to be stopped at no cost for the sick! And you can be a part of solving the problem of sickness and disease for the sick who are dying due to incurable diseases. How? By joining us to establish Healing Centers in Awka and Enugu for the Incurably Sick beyond the help medicine.

I want to say it again, there are many who are dying a very slow and painful death presently because there is nothing medical doctors and medicine can do for them. But their cases are not hopeless. God wants them healed free of charge and we are here to do that and need your partnership.

On the 11th of June, The Lord led me to see a woman and to ask her to give us her venue for free to hold Healing Services and for her to ask the Lord for anything she wants. And I did.

To cut the long story short, she gave us her venue she was paying N2million as rent per annum to run healing services for 2 hours every Saturday and every Sunday. And her request was for me to pray for her Pastor who was in their home dying due to heart failure.

I went in to where she was laid, anointed her and declared her healed in the Name of The Lord Jesus who sent me and left. And the Lord healed her. And Here is her testimony:

Heart Failure (Cardiomyopathy) Healed

I was diagnosed of Cardiomyopathy (Heart Failure) which led to the failure of other organs such as the Liver, Kidney, Lungs, etc. My total body system collapsed. I was rejected by LUTH and other government and private hospitals in Lagos. We tried India but needed N11 million for a heart transplant. I was eventually turned down because of the unavailability of a heart then. We tried Great Britain but was not considered since I am not a British citizen. My case was hopeless. My stomach, legs and body generally were swollen like a pregnant woman. I was bedridden and abandoned to die. It was at this point by Divine Providence and Mercy the Lord sent His Servant to me. He anointed and prayed for me and gave me some his books, “The Nothingness of Satan”, “You Can Choose When to Die” and “Why Prophet Elisha Died Sick and How to Avoid it.” After he left, two angels visited me in a vision and carried out 26 operations on me. The swollen disappeared and my heart and other failed organs were restored and became normal and functional Today, I am back on my feet perfectly healed and made whole. To God alone be all the glory. Pastor. Mrs. Ashiet

The Lord wants to Heal Those with Failed Organs and Incurable Diseases

God wants to heal other sick people with failed organs and other incurable diseases what He did for Pastor Mrs. Ashiet. Nobody should be allowed to die or to go to India, Europe, China, United Kingdom, USA or any other far country to waste time and money in search of healing. Help has come!

We want to establish a Healing Center for the incurably ill where those who can no longer be helped by medical doctors and medicine can come or be brought to and be healed free of charge.

We need a 3bedroom flat or a bungalow or a duplex at Awka and Enugu to open Healing Centers and help save our people who are dying of incurable diseases free of charge.

If you have a property you can give us or lease to us or you want to give towards this project, do please get in touch. Remember what you make happen for others, God makes happen for you. Thank you and God bless you this season and always. Peace!

Amb. Promise Ogbonna (07033443266)




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