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HEAVENow with Ambassador Promise

Why live in hell now when you can live in HEAVENow? What is the use of living daily under pressure when you can live and enjoy endless pleasures? Why should you live in poverty, lack and want when you can live in prosperity everyday? Why must you be sick when you can live and enjoy divine health forever?

Is there any justifiable reason why must you pay to be healed of any sickness or disease when you can be healed and restored to health at no cost? Again, Why should you have a problem when you can be free from all problems and have all you need to solve problems for others?  Why must you  do a job and have nothing to show for your labours at the end of the day when you can prosper in all you do? Why must you make money and not have peace to enjoy it when you can have peace always and by all means?

What is the use of being rich and dying slowly due to sickness when you can be healed of all kinds of sickness and disease? What is the use of getting married and living in a home that is hell on earth when you can enjoy HEAVENow?

HEAVENow is real and that’s what I am sent to bring to you and everyone else. Again, HEAVEN-Now is the home of solutions – God’s solutions for every problem of man. You can live and be free from every problem and needs. And that is what HEAVENow Podcasts Brings to you.

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