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Dr. T. L. Osborn’s Mantle Transferred to Amb. Promise Ogbonna


1). On January 4, 2010, I received Dr. T. L Osborn’s Mantle. Dr Osborn was an Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher. How did this happen?

On this day (4/01/2010), I went to see Pastor Amb. Don Odunze with a gift I was led to give him in the place of his father, a life sacrifice (a big goat), 2 bottles of wine, 2 bottles of anointing oil and a cash seed of N10,000. After giving him the gift, I went over to see and greet the mother Rev Mrs. Beatrice Odunze. As she saw me, she went inside and came out with seven (7) books of her late husband that she said the Lord told her to give to me. “Healing from Christ” was one of them. I had written Dr. T. L. Osborn asking for that particular book and he replied it was out of print. I asked Mummy Odunze “How did Dr. Don Odunze Snr get that book? She told me that in 1975, T. L. Osborn came to Enugu to preach. Papa Odunze was his interpreter. While the program was on, she had a male child. After the program was over, Dr. Osborn came to their house to pray for the child. It was then he gave that Book to the husband and wrote: “To BRO. DONATUS ODUNZE, Enugu, Mar. 19975; and signed T. L. Osborn, HEB. 13:8.” As I got that Book I felt something fired into me. It was supernaturally strange. And I heard The Lord say to me as I sat there in her house HE HAS PASSED OVER TO ME THE MANTLE OF HIS SERVANT T. L. OSBORN; THAT THE BATON IS NOW IN MY HANDS. I burst in tongues and prayed in the Holy Ghost until got home. I can’t explain how I left Mummy Odunze’s house. The next morning my office secretary came and told me that on her way to the office the Lord asked her if I believe in the Mantle. She didn’t know why and what happened the previous day for she wasn’t around when I went to visit Pastor Don and the mother. But she answered the Lord I believe in whatever The Lord says in the Bible. She got to the office and told me her encounter. It was a confirmation that The Lord handed over to me the Mantle of Dr. T.L. Osborn. I wrote Dr. T L Osborn an Email telling him exactly this same story that the Lord handed over to me his mantle on the 4th of January 2010. And he replied me. His Executive Assistant, Pat Lovern sent his reply to me. I still have a copy of the reply. This is his reply:

Dear Evangelist Ogbonna:

Dr. T. L. Osborn has asked me to acknowledge the receipt of your email. We rejoice with you for God’s anointing upon your life. He is no respecter of persons and certainly will honour the faith of His servants who obey His call upon their lives.

God bless you. We are praying for you.

Pat Lovern

Executive Assistant

Osborn Ministries International

To God be all the Glory for great things He has done for us. What The Lord gave me is for you!

2). February 14th 2013, I received again Dr. T. L. Osborn’s Mantle transferred to me the very same day he left for Heaven in a special Mantle Transfer Service Heaven organized just for this purpose.

On Thursday February 14th 2013, the 9th day of a 40days intended fast that the Lord ended on the 12th day by doing far beyond the expectation that necessitated the fast, I received again Dr. T. L. Osborn’s Mantle transferred to me the very same day he finally left for Heaven. This happened in a special Mantle Transfer Service that Heaven organized just for this purpose. Here’s how it happened:

I began waiting on the Lord in January 2013. As the month of January was ending, there was an agitation in my Spirit. It was a deep yearning, an unexplainable hunger and insatiable thirst. The longing was so deep that I announced to my family I was going on a 40 days fast.  All the while I was reading Healing from Christ, Biblical Healing, The Good Life, The Message that Works, Soulwinning: Out Where the Sinners are, The Purpose of Pentecost, Join This Chariot, Faith Speaks, He Is Alive, In His Name, etc all by Dr. T. L. Osborn. I knew something was happening within me but there was something I couldn’t place my hands on. I knew something was about to happen and I didn’t want to miss that. More was yet to come I cannot afford to allow myself to be distracted until I can lay hold on that. I told my family that I would be going to Redemption Camp to spend 20days and then move over to Canaanland for another 20days. So, I went and serviced our car on Monday 4-2-2013 and on Wednesday 6-2-2013, I left Enugu for Lagos. At Ore in Ondo State, the devil attacked my car and the engine knocked. How? The oil filter slacked and all the oil in the engine flew away while I was on speed. I left the car there at Ore, picked my things and proceeded to Lagos. Thank God for providing me a place with a friend who lived at 77 Tapa Street, Ijesha Surulere Lagos. I moved into his place and settled down for the fast which started that same day. Strange encounters began that same night and continued daily. Now, on this special day (14-02-13), I had an unusual vision. In that vision, The Lord took me to a Heavenly Sanctuary where a special Impartation and Handover service was holding. I was conducted to the front of the Sanctuary by Bishop David O. Oyedepo and left before the ALTAR. While standing there, I saw God’s Messenger and Servant appear from the inner Sanctuary with a Heavenly Anointing Oil. My head and hands were anointed and The Mantle of The Lord’s Servant Dr. T. L. Osborn was transferred and handed over to me. It was the same day Dr. T. L. Osborn went back home to be with The Lord. I didn’t know till the Lord told me two days later. Dr. T. L. Osborn is not dead. He is fully ALIVE in Me. His Anointing, Power, Grace and everything God put into his spirit LIVES ON in MY PERSON TODAY. Halleluiah! To God be the Glory. See my Book Ambassador Promise: Jesus Christ’s Official Ambassador & T. L. Osborn’s Successor on Earth Today! Appearances and Encounters with The Lord Jesus Christ, Mantles of Notable Servants of God Received and The 9 Mandates. by Amb Promise Ogbonna

3). On Saturday 16/2/13, the 11th of the fast The Lord appeared to me and spoke to me extensively from 02:26am-5am. Here’s part of what The Lord said to me: All I Have Said and Written (My Word) is for You. Believe It and Stand on It. I Cannot Change It. It Is Settled Forever (Ps 119:89). Scriptures Cannot Be Broken (Jn 10:35). If You Cannot Take and Believe My Word, There Is Nothing I Can Do for You. I Cannot Lie (Titus 1:2; Heb 6:18; Num 23:19) And I Cannot Alter What I Have Said and Written (Is 55:10-11; Ps 89:34).  Take Me at My Word and Walk on Water (Mt 14:32). Take Me at My Word and Do All the Miracles and Wonders and Signs as I Have Commanded You (Ac 2:22; Jn 14:12). My Word (Testimony) Is the Spirit of Prophecy and Is More Authentic Than Any Voice You May Hear Any Day (2Peter 1:19). Take Me at My Word and Go! Take Me at My Word and Go! It Is Well with You! (Isa 3:10; 2Kings 4:26). Believe My Word and Stand on It….Stand on My Word Very Boldly and Say, “Thus Says the Lord Any Day, Anywhere Under Any Circumstances. You Are My Messenger; My Ambassador! And My Spirit and Power Is in You and Upon You. I Will Not Fail You nor Let My Words in Your Mouth Spoken in My Name Fall to The Ground. All Must Surely Come to Pass….I Love You with An Everlasting Love and. Will Not Fail You. Go for I Am with You to Keep You and To Give You All You Need. Go for I Have Sent You and I Am with You. No Man Shall Be Able to Stand Before You All the Days of Your Life. As I was with Moses, Joshua, Elijah and My Prophets That I Sent By Myself In My Name; As I Was with Paul and with Past Apostles and Prophets That I Sent By Myself and In My Name; As I was with John Alexander Dowie, A. A. Allen, Kathryn Kuhlman,  John G. Lake, Maria Woodworth Etter, William Braham, F. F. Bosworth, E. W. Kenyon, Smith Wigglesworth, Kenneth E. Hagin, Oral Roberts and My Servant T. L. Osborn, even So Will I Be with You. I Will Use You to Bring Honour To My Glorious Name. Go: and Fear Not! For Through You My Kingdom, Power and Glory Will Be Manifested Everywhere All Over the World. Go for You Are My Chosen Son and Servant. I Love You. I Am with You. I Will Not Fail You. Go in My Name! I Have Chosen You. Go for I Have Blessed You. No Man Shall Be Able to Curse You. Whoever Blesses You I Will Bless. Whoever Curses You I Will Curse. By You Shall All the Families of The Earth Be Blessed (Genesis 12:3; 18:18; 22:17-18; 26:3-4; 28:14). I Give You My Covenant of Salt (2Chronicles 13:5; Numbers 13:5; Numbers 18:19; 2Samuel 7:8-16). You Are My Chosen Elect. I Love Specially. You Are My Seed. You Are My Special Son – My Beloved Son with Whom I Am Well Pleased. Go for I Am with You to Uphold You till I Have Fulfilled and Performed All My Words to You. Go for I Am with You Always till The End!

I said to The Lord Dr T. L. Osborn is still alive. How can YOU say “As I was with My Servant T. L. Osborn, so I will be with you?” And the Lord repeated “As I was with My Servant T. L. Osborn, so will I be with you!” And I checked the time and it was exactly 5:00am.

4). On 22/5/2014, at exactly 02:44am I got up after this Glorious Night Vision. My Papa Dr T. L. Osborn was sent to Lay hands on Me and pray for Me. As He Prayed in The Holy Ghost and Laid his hands on Me weeping for joy, he embraced Me and held me so tightly in his embrace, all the while praying in he Holy Ghost. At a point he ran his right hand from my head down my face, as if wiping it with his hand, down to My Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Lips, Jaw and then to My Heart and Body and said The Seven (7) Points of The Holy Spirit. I was filled afresh with The Holy Ghost and Power. As The Awesome Presence of The Holy Spirit and Power  overshadowed and enveloped us, just like what happened to Jesus and Peter on the Mount of Transfiguration, I began to speak in diverse kinds of Tongues and Languages as The Holy Spirit gave me utterance. Oh my! It was such a wonderful encounter. When he finished and I was loosened from his embrace, I was still praying in Tongues. As I opened my eyes, I saw few brethren. They were all amazed. Two (2) of them requested that Dr. T. L. Osborn also prayed for them. But He did not. Why? He was sent to do what he did. At this point the Vision ended. All the Glory be to God My Father and The Lord Jesus Christ. It’s a new era that has dawned upon us! Halleluyah!

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