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Bishop David O. Oyedepo’s Mantle Transferred to Amb. Promise Ogbonna

I didn’t know about Bishop David O. Oyedepo until 1995 when I began marketing his Books in Lagos! Those who were my supervisors then painted a negative picture about him, and eventually forced me to stop selling his Books.

I was transferred out of Lagos in 1998/99 to cover the South East, South South and South West. In 2001, I was transferred to the North. We moved in January 2002 to Bauchi. As soon as we arrived, and I began to wait on the Lord for direction on how to make maximum impact in my new place of assignment, I had three visions consecutively with the same message: “Go back to Lagos and see my servant David Oyedepo. Long story short, I had to put in my letter of disengagement same month. It was not fun at all because my wife and two children had just moved with me to Bauchi. We were released in August 2002. We went back to Owerri, Imo State where we were before the transfer. And in September 2002, we moved to Lagos. I didn’t know how to see Bishop Oyedepo since I had not been to Winners for once. One day, I was looking for a venue to register and get my National Identity Card when a neighbor who attended Winners told me of a venue beside Winners Ipaja and gave me a description of how to get there. I went and after registering, branched into the Winners Complex at Ipaja. I saw Dominion Bookshop and went inside to make enquiries. I was told Papa is now at Canaanland. Since I couldn’t see God’s servant, I told myself I was going get all his books and publications. And that was what I did. I returned and bought all the Books Papa ever wrote, all the Winners World available, All the Signs and Wonders and all the Audio Messages available. Apart from 2 or 3 books that came out recently, I have everything Dominion Publishing House has ever published.

I began feeding on Papa’s Books and later attended WOFBI (BCC, LCC & LDC). After WOFBI I didn’t bother going to look for Papa again, even though that was why I moved back to Lagos.

At the early hours of 28th of March 2006, I had a Vision; and in the Vision the Lord told me of the Ministers Conference Papa organized starting that day and told me to be I attendance. I got up documented the instruction. Later that morning, I had another trance-like vision that ended at 9:59am and I had further instructions. I called my wife  who was not at home and told her that I was leaving for the Ministers Conference, the only one I have attended till date.

I believe The Lord sent me to the Conference to fulfill His plan/purpose: To Effect The Mantle transfer!

1). “The Transfer of Baton to me as The Mantle Fell on me!” On Thursday 30/3/2006 at the “EMPOWERMENT FOR EXPLOITS” Ministers Conference I attended at the command of The Lord I was given The Mantle of Bishop David O. Oyedepo as he was speaking on Financial Empowerment for Exploits. Here’s how it happened: While ministering that day, The Bishop shared a Testimony of an encounter a woman from Australia had in Canaanland when she visited. As I sat listening to God’s servant The Holy Ghost asked me to remove my shoes and stockings and place my bare feet on the floor. I didn’t want to do that because of what those around me might think. The same instruction came a second time, and then a third time as a command. I obeyed and as soon as my feet touched the floor, immediately something ran from my feet through my entire body and from my head I felt as there was Hot Oil poured on my head that ran down my entire body. As both divine encounters were taking place, with my eyes open, I was translated and I had an open vision. I saw a WHITE MANTLE FALL majestically from above and landed on me. And I heard the Voice of the Lord say to me “The Baton is transferred to you. The Baton is now in your hands.” I was amazed since I was not a member of the Living Faith Church. It was The Lord that told me about the Program and asked me to go and see His servant on the 28/3/06 (the day the program started) and confirmed it to me in another short vision I had between 9:00am and 9:59am of the same day as I waited on Him at #2 Adunola Emmanuel Crescent, Igando-Egan Lagos. I give thanks to the Lord for His goodness and mercy. To Him alone be all the glory. Halleluiah. May His Name be Praised forever.

2). 17/4/12 – Early hours of Friday 13/4/12 in a vision, The Lord said to me I should go and see His Servant Bishop David Oyedepo. No reason was given to me for the visit. In obedience I left Enugu for Lagos-Ota on Monday morning 16/4/12. I arrived LIVING FAITH HEADQUARTERS Canaanland, Ota in the evening, checked in into The CAMP House and went to pray. As I was walking around praying, The Spirit impressed it on me that I was there for RESURRECTION AND RESTORATION ENCOUNTER. To the Glory of God, I met Bishop David O. Oyedepo on Tuesday 17/4/12. As I knelt before him for prayer, He asked me “What is it? What do you want?” I told him I am one of his sons in the ministry who came from Enugu to see him. He laid his right hand on me and said, “I decree a fresh release of His Anointing and Grace on your life and ministry in Jesus Precious Name. You are blessed. Peace!” And he walked away to minister to others. As he left me, I just remained where I was on my knees. After he ministered to others and saw me still on my knees, he came back to me and said, “son what is it?” I told him I feel resisted in ministry and needed all The Lord has for me that made Him to send me to come and see him. He placed his right hand on my head and left hand on my shoulder and said, “I release you from every hold of the enemy and I decree Wonder Turnaround and Supernatural restoration in every area of life. I release Grace for impactful ministry to you, In the Name of Jesus. You are blessed in Jesus Precious Name. Peace! In Jesus Name!” And That was it! I knew it was settled.

As I gave Papa my 14 Published books to bless, he collected them from me and said, “son these are my copies” and gave it to his PA and asked me to leave my contact with him. And I did. To God be all the glory! I returned to Enugu on 18/4/12.

3). On 17/2/14 I was led by the Lord to go and see His Servant Bishop David O. Oyedepo for a 7fold measure of God’s Anointing, Wisdom and Grace. I went with a typed note titled “Why I came to see God’s Servant!” Even though I was told I may be able to see him since he was going somewhere, I just told he will see me. While there, his helicopter left and they all looked at me and said he has gone. I told them he was coming back. And they all laughed. Well, By God’s Divine arrangement, he came back. And to God’s glory, I met God’s Servant the same day. As I knelt before him, I gave him the typed note of Why I came to see him. He looked at it, laid hands on ME and declared “RECEIVE YOUR DESIRE!” Also he laid his hand on the typed paper and declared, “Receive your desire!” Finally I quickly gave him the typed manuscript of My new book “8 Decisive Hours…” that I wanted him to write the Foreword. He just laid his hands on it and declared for the 3rd time, “Receive your Desire!” And he left. While still on my knees, the Spirit referred me to Luke 18:43-45 where Jesus said to the blind man “Receive your sight” and he did. As God’s servant declared and as I believed, it was done. I received my desire according to The Word of The Lord. By God’s Grace, I Received the 7fold measure of Lord’s Anointing, Wisdom and Grace and every virtue at work in God’s servant Bishop David O. Oyedepo. To God be all the glory!

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