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Appearances Of Jesus Christ To Me 1

Jesus appeared to me on 20/9/90. He stood at a Point along The Way that led to 2 different destinations. So many of us were on a line walking towards Him. He would ask a question, hear the response and send each person to either His right hand or His left. When it got to my turn, He just looked at me and instead of asking me a question shook my hands and smiled a loving smile. I asked Him “Why I found it difficult to Preach.” He looked at me with the same Loving smile and asked me if I was a man or a boy? I answered Him “I believe I am a man since I was above 18 years”. He smiled again and gave me 2 large figures – something like 1/12000000000000 & 1/144000000000000. He didn’t explain to me what those figures meant. He shook my hands again with the same Loving smile and sent me to his right hand. I was the 3rd person and the 1st colored person behind two white people that He sent to His right Hand before the vision ended.

Again, Jesus Appeared to Me again the day I got Baptized with the Holy Spirit. This was on 12/5/92. I answered the altar call made by our Pastor with a few others for the baptism with The Holy Ghost. This happened at Assemblies of God, 47 Labinjo Street, Idioro, Mushin, Lagos. On that fateful Tuesday evening our Pastor Rev J. U. Amaefula prayed for us for the baptism with The Holy Spirit. As I stood there, suddenly I saw The Lord Jesus Christ appear from Heaven engulfed by a great Light. It was exactly like the one Saul (Paul) saw and described in Acts 22:6 and 26:13. Rays of Power from that light flooded into my entire being and I  fell to the ground under That Power. When I came to myself after a while, I saw I was the only one there, still on the ground and speaking in tongues. I found it difficult to stand up on my feet. I tried to but could not. Some brethren tried to help me up but the Rev Amaefula asked them to leave me alone. I don’t know how long I was there but when I finally got up, I was a new man – Full of The Holy Ghost and Power. It was an unforgettable encounter. To Him alone be all Glory.

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