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Where is Your Faith?

It is written in Luke 8:25 “And he [Jesus] said unto them, Where is your faith?” This question “Where is your faith?” is an indictment against believers who believe they really believe but do not really believe. Where is your faith?”

Many ‘Believers’ have faith they are not using.
At times there are posts some ‘believers’ read and they find it difficult to believe it is realizable because the Body of Christ has reduced what God can do to the level of their understanding.
I want to say to all, Let us begin to believe God for unheardof things and when we see people with uncommon faith posting things that are not based on presumption. Again, Let us believe God with them and pray for God to do the impossible. Furthermore, Let us also believe God to move us beyond the level of believing Him based on our understanding of the feasibility of what we want Him to do because it is logically doable!
God is a faith God. And whatever He believes, He creates by speaking, His Faith-Words create what He believes and says.
Faith does not make sense but makes a nonsense of senses! 
Time has come for us who believe to begin to take giant steps to validate our faith. Remember, all things are possible to him that believes; not to him that thinks he believes. Peace!!!

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