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HEAVENowTV is the Online TV Channel of Christ’s Ambassadors Living Mission International [CALM]-Jesus Mission Headquarters, a very unique nondenominational ministry that has a very unique ministry focus: to bring the Goodnews of good things to all, stop anything after man’s destruction, Heal a Zillion, Restore man to God’s image and likeness and create HEAVEN-Now for all.
Our Fundamental Priorities:
God our Father first
Heaven first
The Kingdom of God first
Christ’s Ambassadors first
Souls first [All Lives Matter to God] Power to the people of God
Healing for all
Prosperity & Wealth for all
Justice & Equity for all
Freedom for all
Education for all
Home for all
Restoration for all
Protection & Security for all
Peace for all
Heaven-Now for all
Join us enjoy and Make the above and more available to all.

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