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Restoring The Forgotten Dignity Of The Woman

Restoring The Forgotten Dignity Of The Woman!

I am INTRODUCING THIS SPECIAL BOOK TO EVERY WOMAN TITLED: Restoring The Forgotten Dignity Of The Woman! If You are a woman, regardless of your age, do yourself a special favour and get this amazing Book today, and read it this week. It will be one of the most important decisions and choices you have made in life. If you are a man, get this Book as a gift for your wife, sister, mom or wife-to-be. You will be glad you did! Read the Opening Words to this amazing Book below.

Restoring The Forgotten Dignity Of The Woman!


This is a heart talk to all women. It is from the Father’s heart and it is meant for you – The woman.
God has a purpose for your life! That purpose is not for you to end in shame. It is not to leave you in the pit. You are not destined for disgrace.
There is a colourful and glorious place God has for you, His daughter, created in His image and after His own likeness. It is a place of dignity. Circumstances might have forced you out of it. Situations may have drawn you away from it. Man may have pushed you far away from it. But hear me:
God is going to RESTORE you fully and perfectly into His original, purposeful, but forgotten dignifying place which He carved out specifically for you.
Many women, having wandered for too long in humiliation have been abandoned to wonder doubtfully whether there is still anything better life has to offer. There are so many Women who are wearing masks trying to cover up their real selves with things, thinking that will end their struggling and inner (heart) yearning for freedom. There are yet others who have come to accept what is available to them because they have grown so weak in a frustrated life and frustrating lifestyle as a result of ill-treatment by fate that they cannot stand up for what is theirs. They have now abandoned themselves to fate and chance. This is not God’s plan for the Woman.
Woman please hear me: You arc precious. You are lovely. You are beautiful. You are glorious. You arc wonderfully and fearfully made. You are a Woman of dignity. God Himself has glorified and dignified you. He has a place for you. You are the most important of all His creation.

You are not inferior. You are not an object of ridicule/caricature. You are not to be trampled underfoot by anyone, anything, any being, or any force. You are not to be subjected to suffering and humiliation. You are not to spend your days in pains, grief, sorrows-of-heart, agony and crying. You are not to laugh in public and weep in the private. You are not to put up a front and smile while in the midst of others in the office, neighborhood, ‘church’, and cry or mourn when you return home to face the stark realities you are confronted with on a daily basis in the closet. You are not to live a double life. You are not to be ‘a fake’. You are not to live in uncertainty.
But the fact of the matter is that countless number of women are uncertain about so many issues that border on their personality as a Woman. These uncertainties have left them with so many unresolved questions and conflicts within. They live in doubt. They live in untold fear of the unknown. The future is so bleak because the present is so unsettled. Nothing is working for them. Their world is falling apart.
Please hear me: I am sent to put an end to whatsoever is after your destruction and RAISE you up as “the woman.” You must listen to what I am saying. I am only a messenger with a message for you.
Your positive response to what is unfolded in this book is all that you need to be REPOSITIONED in this life and in eternity. I encourage you to read with an open heart, a listening ear, a teachable spirit, and a meek and quiet heart which is of a great price before God. You shall not end where the enemy desired. I see nothing stopping you anymore in this life.
Listen to me: until you hear the Truth and apply yourself to obeying the dictates or commands of the Truth, you will remain in mockery, mocked by all. But once you apply yourself to total obedience of the Truth as unveiled, all your mockers will turn around to celebrate you; for “ye shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.” (John 8:32)
God Creates And Makes.
Just like a sculptor shapes Wood with his tools and equipment until the image he has in mind is unraveled, even so does God work with His Word until His own image is unraveled and made free from the “lumps of clay” called humans. Therefore you must take every Word in this book very seriously. There is no idle Word in this book. Every word in this book is Spirit-given, life-breathed, impact-full and is for your benefit – to make you.
Take each Word and don’t fail to meditate on it until the Divine Truth it carries is imparted in your spirit.
You have a responsibility. You must read responsibly, not casually. Casual “callers” always end in casual ways as casualties casually. Beware!
You are destined for the throne.
You must not end in slavery as a slave.
You are created as a woman by God!
You are a woman by God’s design.
It is not demeaning to be a woman.
You are not to be taken for a ride neither is any to ride upon you to where he or she is going. You are a child of destiny; A woman of dignity. This is why God created you. You are the crown of His creation. You are to take no lesser place. You are to occupy no lower position. You are to be restored to your forgotten place of dignity. For this purpose I am sent. To this end I now welcome you. You are blessed. Why not repeat that: I am blessed. Praise God.
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