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What is HEAVENow?

HEAVENow is the goal of Christ’s death and resurrection from the dead and we here to make it real for all.

As Citizens and Ambassadors of Heaven, we are Representatives of God and all Heaven stands for! We Are Christ’s Ambassadors on His Living Mission!

HEAVENow is Christ’s World Healing, Liberty and Restoration platform. Our Mandate Focus is to Preach The Everlasting Gospel to all, stop anything after man’s destruction, Make all like Christ and Make earth like Heaven.

WHAT IS HEAVENow all About?

HEAVENow Means

Forgiveness of all for all sins now.

Healing of all sickness and disease now.

Deliverance and Freedom for all now.

Salvation for all now.

The Holy Spirit for all now.

Power for all now.

Wisdom and Solutions for all now.

Prosperity and Abundance for all now.

Wealth Transfer for all now.

Health and Longevity for all now.

Liberty for all now.

Restoration for all now.

Blessing for all now.

Supernatural life for all now.

Miracles, Wonders and signs for all now.

God’s Worship by all saints now.

Preservation and Safety for all now.

Peace for all now and always by all means.

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