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Healing: The Children’s Bread

There’s no fasting in Heaven. Heaven is the home of feasting!

According to Mark 7: 24-30; Matt 15:21-28,

Healing is the children’s bread. Bread is needed by every child of God daily.

It is God’s plan and will for all His children to be fed or given their daily bread FIRST.

It is not God’s plan or will to take his children’s bread or healing and toss it to their dogs. Matt 15:26 (NIV).

That means, no unbeliever is qualified to be healed or walk in health until God’s children are first healed and healthy.

Notice: Under the old covenant, God kept His covenant people Israel healed and healthy. Ex 23:25-26, Deut 7: 11-15, Ps 105:37.

God can and will heal anyone of anything and everyone of everything; And wants all His children healed today and now.

So why are most of God’s children dying sick? Read my books “Why Christians Die Sick and How to free Yourself” and “Why Prophet Elisha Died Sick and How to avoid it”.


To know who God wants to heal now, let’s see who Jesus healed when He came to this world. Once we know who Jesus healed, then we are sure and guaranteed who God wants to heal now.

Jesus healed all who needed or wanted to be healed and came to Him. Matt 4:23-24; 8:8,16-17; 15:30-31.

And that was under the old covenant and we have a better Covenant.

Heb 8:6 says “We have a better covenant, better mediator and better promises.” That means, we should have all that the old covenant people had as benefits and so much more. And they were all healed and healthy. Psalm 105:37.

So we must be healed and healthy.

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