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Why Am I Writing And Publishing These Books?

I am not writing as a hobby neither am I writing to entertain or to inform! I have a Mandate from The Lord Jesus Christ to write.

This Book is published in obedience to the Command of the Lord who gave me a Mandate to write and publish His Words of Life and Wisdom Solutions to address every aspect of human needs.

The Life Publishing Mandate The Lord gave me is to publish All The Words of His Kingdom Life which He has spoken, revealed and given to me for the benefit of all.

I want to share some of the encounters with the Lord Jesus Christ that gave birth to my writing and publishing mandate and why this Book and my other books:

  1. On 21/5/95, Jesus Christ and I stood on the balcony of a great beautiful mansion in Heaven whose foundation I couldn’t see (see Amos 9:6). He showed me Preachers, driven by selfishness and being used by the enemy, walking on people’s heads and shoulders as their platform to preach. The people were hungry, thirsty, weeping, trampled upon and yet yearning for the TRUTH (see Amos 8:11-13). I saw My Lord shaking His head in disgust. He also brought to my view those in hell and I saw their agony and pain and what a sight it was! Afterward, as we beheld the abuse of His people, He pointed His right hand towards them and said to me, “See what is happening to the people I died for. “The Lord Jesus gave me A WELL USED COPY OF THE BIBLE and said to me “GO and tell them (The Preachers and The People) to Repent and Believe The Gospel Only and they will be Restored.” I asked ‘How will I do it? And He said to me, “BE SEPARATE! Go, I send YOU as My Ambassador and Witness with My Authority and Power: Publish The Word, Stop anything after their destruction, Raise, Build and Plant them as My Ambassadors. Let them know the truth. Teach All The TRUTH and Spread them as My Seed ALL over the earth and restore all things.”
  2. On 6/7/96, The Lord Jesus Christ came to me again and said, “It is well” and gave me a copy of THE BIBLE and said to me, “Take: This is My Staff of Office” – My Authority and Power. After The LORD gave me His Staff of Office [The Word], I saw something like a mist or cloud appear out of the Word and as I watched, a horse emerged from ‘within the mist’ and jumped about and stopped. The Lord told me The Word is creative and created the horse and is My Rod for working Miracles, Wonders and Signs. I am to Go with it to all, as Moses went with his ROD, and “Stop anything after man’s destruction, Bring Healing, Liberty and Restoration to all; Raise, Build and Plant Christ’s Ambassadors everywhere and Restore all things.”
  3. On 20/5/97, I was given a BIBLE and 2 BIROS by Arch. Benson A. Idahosa in a conference that took place in a place like a stadium. And he said to me, “Go and Proclaim and Publish The Everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide and deliver the full benefits to all. This Gospel of The Kingdom must be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations!
  4. On 18/11/03, The Lord spoke to me again ON WRITING, and said to me “Write all the hidden mysteries I show you and I will ensure it gets to all the Nations Prophetic writings is what unveils, reveals, makes known the revelation of the mystery hidden for ages long past. The surest way of unveiling the Gospel and proclaim Jesus Christ Lord is through prophetic writings as God commanded so that all nations will believe and obey God.
  5. On 26/11/03, The Lord spoke to me saying, “Write what people can read and understand. It’s most important. Your writings must be readable and understandable. Write in such a way that a primary school pupil can read and understand My Words. “The common people heard me gladly.” Everyone must read and understand My Words that you write.
  6. On 2/10/04, The Lord Jesus explained to me the vision of 21/5/95 where I Stood with Him on the Balcony of the Mansion in Heaven and He showed me Preachers using the shoulders and heads of people as their platform to preach. They were hungry, thirsty and trampled underfoot yet yearning for the reality. And The Lord commanded me to WRITE and publish His Words for the downtrodden and for all.”
  7. On10/12/04, The Lord said to me “Write in a book all the Words that I have spoken to you” and He gave me Jeremiah 30:2.
  8. On 04/04/05, The Lord said to me “Publish the Word and bring healing, liberty and restoration to all everywhere.” See Psalm 68:11 and Psalm 107:20.
  9. On 23/12/05, The Lord said to me:

Publish The Words

Publish The Works

Publish The Wonders

Make My Deeds Known

Let Everyone See My Glory Everywhere

  1. On 01/03/13, The Holy Ghost said to me:

Publish the Works of Jesus Christ everywhere

Advertise the Doings of Jesus Christ the Lord.

Make known the Miracles of Jesus Christ the Lord.

Bind the Testimony of the Acts of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Be My Witness of all My Signs and Wonders everywhere.

Share Testimonies of All I AM Doing forever.

Go and Tell All everywhere of All My Miracles and Wonders and Signs and All I have Done and Commanded you.


Beloved, every Word written in this Book is from The Lord and is His Solution package released to deal with your challenges.

Read with an open heart and Pick the Lessons and engage them.

I know you will experience The One who is The Real Author of this Book.

And you will never be the same again.

God Bless you.

His Steward for the benefit of all,

Amb Promise Ogbonna


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