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The Reality of HEAVENow!

The Will of God expressed in One word is HEAVENow! It is The Will of God that all His children BE like Him, BE Empowered to LIVE like Him and enjoy all He created and placed on earth here for man in the beginning.
Many have not understood the first line of the prayer Jesus taught His disciples to say.
For instance Jesus said when you pray say, “Our Father in Heaven, May Your Name be Honoured.” If the body of Christ understand the full meaning of that statement, all of their problems will be over forever.
What does He mean by that simple statement? Simple: Let God do all in His Power as God to remove from the lives of all His children whatever will not bring honour and glory to His Name.
Now is there any father who is honoured when his children carry their beggars plate moving from house to house begging for food, money, help, handouts, job, children or for anything else the father has at home already? Its a big disgrace for any father to see his children live any kind of life that belittles the father’s personality.
Now look around you and see if so many of God’s children are living the kind of life any sensible, rich and wealthy earthly father can be proud of if he sees his children live such lives. Just look around and you will see why Jesus gave us that as the FIRST prayer line of Heaven that pleases God that we pray.
But the goodnews is that you can begin today and right now to live the kind of life that will bring honour and glory to God our Father in Heaven. That is what HEAVENow is all about: To Restore all things and Make Heaven-Now a reality for all. That is The Lifestyle I welcome you to. And that is the Kind of life you will live from today.
Welcome to a new era.
Welcome to a new world.
Welcome to HEAVENow!
Peace now and always in Jesus Heaven-Restoring Name!

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